Monday, 13 December 2010

Christmas with a Vintage Twist

[Seasons] Greetings loved ones! We hope you're feeling as festive and eager for the season as we are. As fair season 2010 winds down, we give Judy HQ a good spruce and Bookings [and Facilities - never forget Facilities!] Manager Sam Collins ponders over what colour post-it notes will be 'on-trend' in 2011 [Honeysuckle perhaps?] we wanted to give you a short write-up of all the antics from York's Affordable Vintage Fair and some thoughts on a fantastic season.

As our final fair of 2010, located smack in the middle of this wonderful month, it's safe to say we were a little bit psyched for York. Set within the museum gardens, York's Affordable Vintage Fair is always that little bit more bewitching than others. Perhaps it is something about The Hospitium, but our stock always seems extra appealing, the cakes extra tasty and both traders and shoppers alike bursting with enthusiasm. Hosting an evening event for the first time, the entire fair had an air of Fantasia about it, as if the suits might ask the dresses to dance at any moment. Greeting the guests at the door, the caramel vocals of Ruby Macintosh and her festive troupe ensured that the magic never wavered all night [take a look below]

To hear Ruby in action [and because i'm having an absolute technological 'mare] click here.

Wandering around the fair, it made me realise what a phenomenal year this had been for Judy's, for vintage and for fashion as a whole. Perhaps I was blinded by the fairy lights, but seeing the dramatic silhouettes of the capes and coats hanging on the rails, the abundance of leather and shearling and the timeless dresses made me think this may be my favourite A/W to date.

With a constant stream of shoppers coming out of the cold, it made me realise how far vintage clothing has come; gone or the connotations of something for students, the wrinkled-noses associated with 'second-hand' or something that's not completely new. Although some still hold this true, in today's increasingly shoestring society, our former penchant for something in size-order, uneconomical and one of many almost seems selfish, if not lazy. Whilst stuffing our faces [thanks Tea Dance ladies] and observing all those who had come to York instead of the hernia-inducing Highstreet, it dawned on me that vintage was victorious. The streams of people at York, the thousands that came out to London, Lincoln, Scotland and Leeds, the new cities that welcomed us with open arms were all testament that Judy's is onto a winner. Milling around the rails of eighties glitter, fifties glamour and forties dapper-ware, it was never more apparent that old-fashion isn't old-fashioned. Maybe all that mulled-apple juice had gone to my noggin, but I felt proud to be a part of it.

Phew! That's enough of that before we get even more misty-eyed. Taking a wee break for the holidays, the vintage Style blog will be back early ready next year, jam-packed with all the Judy news, dates and trends as we burst into 2011. We've even gone and got us a new design...Fancy!

And to end on a rather 'festive' note, check out this rather incriminating piece of evidence from the Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair Christmas bash. Five booze-hounds, one bar tab. You do the merry maths [safe to say, all I want for Christmas is a new liver.]

Merry Christmas vintage fans and see you next year!

Vintage Vulture out xVx

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Getting ahead with Now, Voyager!

Greetings loved ones! Now as crimbo draws upon us [and some of you are getting ready and merry for York's Affordable Vintage Fair tonight] there may be some of you who are looking in the mirror, feeling like the ghost of Christmas past-it. 'Never fear!' I tell you, for those lovely ladies and headgear-enthusiasts Now, Voyager have prepared a winning how-to guide on how to get the best out of your barnet, ready for the festive season. Combs at the ready, lets get QUOFFED!

'Hi Judy Fans!

You may remember Now, Voyager from lots of Judy’s Fairs! If we haven’t had the pleasure of meeting you yet, allow us to introduce ourselves - we at Now, Voyager offer glamour & silliness for your hair in the form of everything you can imagine…from our famous birdie hair clips (Judy's fave!) to cake hair clips (master-baker and booking manager Sam Collins' fave adornment when baking like a maniac!). Now, if you're a bloke, we apologise for you may be bored stiff [although when we're though with your ladies it will be worth the tedium!] Ladies, if you'll bare with us, allow us to take you on a retro hair journey (just in time for the holidays...)


We have become slightly addicted to vintage hair. Styles so voluminous & shiny they call to our very hearts and make boys’ heads turn…but how to achieve this on a day-to-day basis? [and without becoming rather vain?] Our vintage hairstyle obsession began with a trip to East London’s Powder Room. After a speedy make-up and 50’s style hair do for a birthday party, we were in love.

As we watched the talented Powderpuff Girl expertly roll our fringes (while being treated to tea & biscuits-yum!), we were inspired to try it at home [and have never looked back!] Firstly, we recommend that you find a vintage hairstylist in your area, and get your hair styled. This should only cost around £10-£15 and is a great way to get to grips with vintage hair if its a new world to you. Additionally, you can pick up good tips - for instance, when back-combing make sure you back-comb straight and not at an angle, i.e. hacking the hair, to avoid hair damage [leaving you looking like Russel Brand circa '06]


Now you know what you are trying to achieve at home, take five, turn on your computer and log on to the Youtube tutorials [ahh, the wonders of the internet!] Start with rolling your fringe & practicing victory rolls, shown in the tutorial below. Once you get the hang of this, it can become an easy everyday hairstyle taking only about 10 mins.

Youtube Tutorial-Rolled Fringe & Victory Rolls


If you can't get the right amount of volume, you can roll you hair around hair padding, which is available in blonde, black & brown on eBay for around £5. Practice until you are feeling slightly cocky, then you can try some extra special Updos like the one below. Should you achieve this, watch the size of your head grow as the compliments start flying!

Youtube Tutorial-Updo

After such success, you could then venture on to the wonderful world of pin curling for bombshell hair!

Youtube Tutorial-Pin Curling Part One

Youtube Tutorial-Pin Curling Part Two


You can also purchase PDF files of vintage beauty guides at Retro Belles.

Of course, now that your hair is styled you will surely feel the need for some adornment. That's where Now, Voyager! comes in. Cakes, birds and toys galore!

In light of such a brilliant bonnet, we would love to see pics of your vintage hair styles & send in any hair tips you have for use on our Now, Voyager blog ! Please e-mail them to

[As its the season of goodwill, we thought we would throw in a 50’s make-up tutorial, just for good measure! ]

Youtube Tutorial-50’s Make-Up


Happy Holidays Vintage Lovers!

Cake & Kisses,

Felicity & Jess

Now, Voyager xx '

Wooah Nelly! Now there's no excuse for you to look brushed, preened and plucky in time for all those festive dos. Follow a few of these ladies tips, and your follicles will be looking so fifties that onlookers will wonder what decade they're in when the clock strikes twelve!

See some of you tonight festive revellers and for the rest of you, expect a full report of York's retro grotto [alongside the usual oldschol musings and perusings next week!]

A spirited VV out xVx