Sunday, 25 December 2011

From one turkey-coma to another...

Dogs on bodies, boys with boobs - it's Christmas a la Mars Attacks! Wishing you all a Christmas with a vintage twist, go forth and be merry!

From one turkey-coma to another, see you soon!


Monday, 19 December 2011

Isn't it Ironic [don't you think...]

What happens when you give three up-and-coming London bloggers disposable cameras to capture the launch of a historic, new vintage market right in the heart of Spitalfields?
The answer: The flash doesn't work [x 3] All together now everyone...a big fat 'D'oh!'
Nevertheless, what we were left with gave a seeming two-fingers to Alanis Morisette and that whole 'irony' thing she so famously crooned about; dimly lit, the resulting snaps are rather spectral and Dickensian [imagine Oliver goes to market and you're pretty much there] and as anyone with a TV license will tell you, Dickens + ghosts = so hot right now.

Spooky [well, not really, although that last shot of the uninhabited kids pump does make me want to lock my doors..] but beautiful nonetheless. Thanks to Becky [blah blach becky] Laura [the magpie musings] and Mel [tatty little boots] for their help!
Because it wouldn't be Christmas without a shameless plug, for any of you who missed out on Spitalfields, we're back the first Saturday of EVERY month [kicking off again with our huge January sale on Jan 7th - click here for details]
Dimlitted not dimwitted,


Monday, 5 December 2011

I bet that you look good on the dancefloor...

'I bet that you look good on the dancefloor?' asked one man to this be-spotted Sheffield shopper. Apparently, she does. Flaunting a fifties circumference the size of the Sun, we <3 it!


Friday, 2 December 2011

More! More! More!

Today is one of those days where, if my head weren't [bad grammar here - roll with it] screwed on, I feel I would be doomed to loom beheaded, like a rejected Gaga outfit, circa X Factor '11.

Road-Runner-ing [or should that be Road-Running - how does one take common cartoon nouns and turn them verbal - DEBATE!] all over the place for our Spitalfields event, I've decided to take five and deal with this back-log of blogging [back-blog - love it!] that's been on my to-do list for too long.

In semi-recent news, those of you that peruse the glam-infused pages of More! magazine may have spotted a familiar sliver of branding of late..

Rocking the Navajo-Vintage Tote look, it's only our venues manager Rebecca Lockwood, outside our Nottingham event! Papped for the 'From Bag to Body' feature [if you get the words 'bag' and 'body' the wrong way around - as I quite frequently do - the whole feature takes a much more macabre turn. Dark stuff guys, real dark.] we enjoy her fringing, blonde locks and shameless, shameless product placement [Judy's tote, £3, available at all our fairs thank-you-please]

Phew! There we have it - fame strikes again! Stay with us as we battle on with the Back-Blog over the next few days and try to get you updated with all the news from Judy HQ.

Onwards and upwards,


Thursday, 1 December 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Pop Destiny's Child's '8 Days of Christmas' on the iPod and somebody bring me a brandy - boy howdy, are we feeling festive this Thursday!

Granted, it could be the E-numbers; [what? you don't eat your Calendar all at once, python-like, in a chocolatey race to the end?? Gaping windows, greed and an overwhelming sense of guilt is what today's all about people!] Putting sugar levels aside, our festivity feels, well, genuine!

Perhaps it's the tunes...the reminiscing over school Christmas dinners [1 x ice-scream scoop of mash, 1 x splash of murky brown gravy and turkey so shear, it could be stitched, Febreezed and shipped to Celine and be totally bang on-trend!] That said, perhaps it's the MASSIVE AMOUNT OF CHRISTMAS IMAGES we've been sent ahead of this weekend's events.

A London double-whammy, Saturday sees the launch of 'JUDY'S AT SPITALFIELDS,' a new monthly occurrence at The Old Spitalfields Market featuring around 140 traders from all over the land [and free entry every time.] Sunday, we're hopping over to Bethnal Green for 'THE VINTAGE FURNITURE FLEA.' An award-winner daahling, [true story - Vintage Guide to London, 'Best Fair' 2011] expect everything from chopping board to chaises longues, all for an affordable price. As pictures speak a thousand words, take a look for yourselves...

Vintage baubles [and Christmas tin featured above] Fleamarket Floozy

Toy soldier embellished jacket, Shopfloorwhore

Angelic tea-towel, Daisy Bazaar

Retro stocking-fillers, the cute and the kitsch [and a jacket that's more 'little drummer boiiiiiiiiiii' than 'boy'] = a wonderland or what?? For more details on Spitalfields, click here and for details on the Flea, click here.

You stay jolly vintage fans [and we'll ho-ho-hopefully see you there!]


Thursday, 17 November 2011

I think i'm turning Japanese...

Oriental goods delivered straight to your door - a concept, as you can imagine, not entirely foreign to us [why, many a night we have waited for a certain rap-rap-rapping on the glass to receive a myriad of tasty treats. The only way that moo shu could get in our mouths any quicker would be a funnel through a letterbox- an image too graphic for 10am this morning!]

And so, as we went about lives this week [indigestion in tow - note to self: CHEW!] little did we know of the glorious Japanese surprise that awaited us...

'Brilliant!' we thought. scooping it up for a lunch-time persue. A whole issue on Japanese vintage. At the fairs, we see many fashionistas from the East always impeccably-dressed and accessorized. As one of our facebook faves Japanese Streets [go on, take a look] testament with their regular street-style, old-world's alive and kicking, no matter what your timezone.

We flicked on, thumbing our way to a middle-page spread. 'Pretty!' we thought, thinking how very...London this looked...

Flicking on, we began to wonder...could we be in this? Narcissistic yes,  that some big glossy fashion mag [named So-en by the by, Japan's very first fashion magazine, founded in the 30s!] would feature us. But hey, we're dreamers! Just as we thought the bubble had been burst, we came across this..

WOOHOO! Regardless of what could be quite questionable PR [we, unfortunately, don't speak a lot of Japanese. Touch wood, we're taking the text as positive, not negative] it's lovely to be featured!

Arigato So-en magazine! Here's to our next over-seas feature!


Wednesday, 2 November 2011

A weigh in the life...

Some things are meant to be shared; good [and bad] jokes, gin, your best friend's wardrobe [despite what they say..] and THIS, dear readers, a snap from last weekend's London Vintage Kilo Sale...

Meet Lally. Student. Stylist. All-round good-egg. Lally was out and about helping to promote The Vintage Kilo Sale, five hours of London madness that saw the capital snaffle up 3 TONNES of vintage clothing [we'll be back on December 17th if anyone wants round two, as well as jaunts to Leeds and Edinburgh]

We can't really explain Lally's style and we think that's why we like it. Inexplica-chic [remember where you heard it first!] it's a great look! Catch Lally and our other street teams putting the 'prom' into 'promo' all over the UK and post here if you want to get involved.


Tuesday, 1 November 2011

'Totes' Amazing!

It's official - we've sold out.

NOT REALLY! The only thing we're going to be selling out of are these, our wonderful new Judy's tote bags!

Available at all fairs [whilst stocks last] for a mere £3, they're perfect for popping your shopping, work or dogs in [we imagine fair dog Dolly would look adorable in this - pictures to come!] - what's not to love?

Get them whilst they're hot - we guarantee you'll look 'totes' amazing!


PS Rosettes not included - they need to be EARNT people!

Monday, 31 October 2011

Lowe and behold!

Things can turn up in the strangest of places - that much we know is true. Now, we're not simply talking about the ordinary - car keys inexplicably in the fridge, bank cards lost in a plethora of 'safe places' [safe after a gin or two, clueless in the morning - note to self: STOP HIDING THINGS!] - but that which is extraordinary.

Such a thing happened at Bath yesterday afternoon. Our first event in the city, our expectations were high, despite being a little in the dark [literally - the clocks went back - and metaphorically. As with all new events, it would be cocky not to be a little on edge.] Safe to say, dear readers, that Bath was a hit. But in the midst of the shoppers, nobody could preempt the presence of a certain word that sends judders down every Heat-lovers spine [the magazine, not the temperature - is it possible to be a fan of warmth?? Debate!] 'Celebrity' was the word, a four-syllable glitter-ball that causes most to squeel like piggies.

Not even a month since our last brush with the stars [Chloe Sevigny - Liverpool circa October 2011] designer, icon and mother to one of the most smoldering creatures on the earth, Pearl Lowe came for a jolly [pictured with Fair Manager Kirstie who is in her 'marking-up' outfit, just so you know.]

A lady steeped in infamy, Pearl was a doll! Having a bit of retail r n' r, one wonders if she was seeking inspiration for her next capsule collection for store Peacocks? From what we saw on the front row of her summertime catwalk show [click here for details] our money's on yes.

And there we have it - another brush with stardom. 'Who will be next?' we hear you scream. We just couldn't call it. But if things go on at such a rapid rate, then we might have to start saving for a tangible 'hall of fame' before we know it [more of an alcove at the minute - hello extension!]


Thursday, 27 October 2011

The Cosmo Blog Awards 2011

Schmoozing and boozing on a Thursday night, it only means one thing - yes folks, we went to the Cosmos!

Nominated in the category of 'Best brand blog,' boy were we in love! Upon arrival, tribe after tribe of fashionistas and famous faces greeted the JAVFF team; from the established Katie and Joe of 'What Katie Wore' to Jen from 'Little Bird' [snapped above courtesy of Cosmo -what? It was our night off! After all you can't pap with a Cosmopolitan in each hand. Uncouth!] it's safe to say we were aghast at this room full of talent.

Unfortunately, we didn't win and the honour went to Topshop. But all in all, we had a blast! Goody bags, open bar and then a rickshaw through to Soho [such tourists!] - we call that a win! Here's a snapshot of Judy and I in double velvet, posing on the wall...

Oh what a night! Thank you all for your support and roll on 2012 - Cosmo, we're coming for you!


Saturday, 22 October 2011

Under the Boardwalk

New fairs - there's nothing quite like them; the pre-event jitters, the craning of the neck to see who walks through the door, the inability to stay still in the half hour before [note: if a doctor were to get hold of said symptoms, he'd probably disagree. Well, so far so good - vintage is our prescription, blood pressure be DAMNED!]

Nerves? Nerves be GONE! Just like many a GCSE candidate must feel in the moments following an oral exam, what was all the fuss about? [it probably had something to do with a tiny woman, wielding a stopwatch, a whistle and a whole lot of words you'll never understand. A WHISTLE, madame? Ce n'est pas Euro '96 et ce n'est pas cool!]

We digress. But safe to say, our very first foray to Bournemouth this month did not warrant a jitter. With hundreds of folks out and about, we recruited fashion writer Joseph Kent [of Unlimited by JK fame] to be our fashion eyes, ears, pen and lens. Take it away JK!

“I'll tell you what I've found out today about Bournemouth,” [fair founder]Judy Berger says to me. “We've had a very good mix of tribes today – students, twenty-something Indie kids, Steampunks, vintage enthusiasts and quite a few families. It's been very diverse.”

Indeed, Bournemouth has a varied community of people. Albeit a student-dominated town, it would seem that a nationwide-famous, city-hopping vintage fair draws in a diverse crowd from this stretch of the south coast.

For the past few years, Bournemouth has been a hot-spot for vintage and retro fashion, so when Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair announced it was coming to the Bournemouth Pavilion ballroom, I knew it was to be a success. On the day itself, the event attracted hundreds and hundreds of bargain-hunting, vintage-loving individuals, all searching for that special something to add to their wardrobes, drawers and dressing tables.

For me, I have only just begun my venture into vintage, but I still loved everything at the fair. Each stall was elegantly cluttered with knick-knacks and accessories, accompanied by rails and rails of timeless clothing. Silky scarves burst from chests and hampers, and jewellery glistened from across the room.

With guests filtering in, soon the room was a jumbled highway of stylish shoppers adorned in the most vintage-esque attire. Girls in fair isle jumpers and chiffon dresses floated among the stands, while guys in ties and tweed jackets rummaged through the racks.

With so many to snap, here's a selection of some of the best outfits found at the fair...

There we have it folks - do be sure to check Joseph in action here. Aztecs, autumnal shades, exuberant fabrics and a top hat or two. Remember, we're in London and Chester this weekend so remember - dress up! [or down - grunge on a Sunday - what's not to love?]


Monday, 17 October 2011

The Cosmo Blog Awards: Just the Ticket

It's not every Monday that leaves one feeling like a fictional character; granted, early-morning confrontations with your inbox can sometimes flatten your mood [never mind a check of your messages after a week-long holiday - yowzers!]  and so we've all started the week a little 2D from time to time.

That said, today was an exception; sitting in our inboxes was a proverbial golden ticket, taking the form of an invitation to this year's Cosmo Blog Awards taking place next Wednesday. Mouth ajar like guppy in the wind, will you scream with me? 1,2,3....AHHHHHH!

Ahem, grasping for our dignity[and air - that was some scream!] we're delighted to be attending. Featuring the creme de la creme of the British blogosphere, we'll be on our best behaviour [minimal puns and even minimal-er dress code -well, we might slip some print in there somewhere!] As we [quite literally] take on our wardrobes, we just wanted to say a MASSIVE thanks to all who have made this possible. Charlie might've been happy when he found that ticket, but boy, it's not a patch on the euphoria permeating Judy HQ. Pinch us quick - we must be dreaming.


Monday, 10 October 2011

Chloë Sevigny: Big Love

Yes folks. We had the same Tom-and-Jerry-eye-popping-from-their-sockets sensation when we gazed across Aintree Racecourse to see a certain someone, shopping through our rails. Knee-deep in discount vintage, American Psycho star and design muse Chloë Sevigny popped by to say hello. 'Hi Chloe,' we would've said, if the words had left our mouths. Still, better to say nothing than blurt-out a love proclamation and a possible invitation to marriage [or at least BFF.] Note to self: get.cooler.quickly.

Finally finding our syllables, Chloë was lovely, indulging in a shop because...well, why not? Making our Fair Manager's year [look at that face - we know pure, unadulterated fashion-y glee when we see it] she joins our hall of fame with Jade Jagger, Daisy Lowe and Florence Welch to name but a few. Who's next - we couldn't call it! For now, we are sated. Chloë, we <3 you!


Friday, 30 September 2011

Youth been Framed

Well, that's it folks. Fresher's Week is almost over. As the sun sets on seven days of networking, BFF-ing and cradling your liver [not for us of course - one G&T in fair season and we're red-faced and ready for bed] it's left us with our thinking caps on. Doth our lenses deceive us or are freshers getting more hip?

Simple answer: yes. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding; Glasgow, Leeds and Newcastle fairs saw trends in abundance - heritage, navajo, and more girls-dressed-like-boys than Blur could ever have dreamed of. To take an aerial view of each event would be a who's-who of cool; guys in Vans and gals in Docs, peacocking, completely comfortable in these vintage waters.

Now, we're not saying that students have been lackluster before this- heck, students are some of the snappiest, most adventurous dressers we have. Perhaps we're so abashed by these Dazed-worthy candidates because we [way back in....shudder....2006] were less so. Coming to the city in the middle of 'New Rave,' we were more day-glo overkill than the definition of chic [note to self: legs the colour of lightening is never a good look, no matter your love of the Klaxons.]

And so faux-pas are down; history isn't repeating itself [although the colour-block trend was enough to leave this blogger reaching for the face-paint..] As the Navajo-trio below seem to show, all's cool on campus. We can't wait to see what's next.

This weekend, we'll be visiting Lincoln, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Birmingham. Make sure to say hello!


Saturday, 24 September 2011

Steel-City Chic

The second city we ever visited, we've a soft spot for Sheffield; cooing over shoes on Division Street, Jumanji-style hijinx in the Winter Gardens, the Moses-style water-wall as you leave the station - heck what's not to love.

Holding a fair there TODAY [the Workstation next to the Showroom Cinema, click here for details] we've been out on the streets to meet our people; move over Milan - Sheff got style!

Super-chic indeed. All the fun of the fair to come. 


Friday, 23 September 2011

And the nominees are...

Sometimes taking the news with breakfast can be a dangerous thing; coffee scolds, burning toast and Cheerios propelled from the mouth, into the bowl below.

Yesterday was one such morning. Over a pre-PM peruse of our messages and news,we discovered this: we've been nominated for a Cosmo!

Yes, the above big, pink button of joy signifies that we're up for a Blog Award! Nominated in the category of 'Best Brand Blog' [up against Russel and Jo - what? that's a good joke!] safe to say, it was brekky to remember.

Now here come the pleading, encouraging, get-down-on-your-knees-ing part: readers, we need YOU! If you enjoy our style news, our views, our overuse of puns - please, click here [or on the Cosmo balloon above] and vote for us for Best Brand Blog. We may not be the biggest [sharing a category with Topshop - hello fear/reverence!] but we want to show that the underdog's got B-I-T-E! Out with the identikit and in with vintage - you know what to do!

Now, to return this soapbox to whence it came and leave you all in peace.

Adieu vintage fans - here's to making dreams come true.


Monday, 19 September 2011


Fashion week[s]. We don't know how the 'frowers do it. Bundled on planes from one runway to another - we'd be a little more DVT than DVF if lifted into their Louboutins.

Added to Fashion Week, it's Fresher's week, signalling the launch of our Autumn circuit ['hooray!' you may gasp. We'll raise you a 'hooray' and give you an 'ohmylordijustcannotWAIT!'] Calling at a whopping 30 cities from Scotland to the South coast, safe to say there's a lot on our plates. Penciling in an enamouring, we'll come back to fashion throughout the week, as we take to the streets to meet our public [Sheffield, Leeds, Lincoln & Liverpool - watch this space!]

But before we jet-off, we wanted to talk to you about a micro-trend we've spotted that goes beyond the wardrobe, one that we're calling 'land-line's got talent.'

From burgandy to burger [we've all seen Juno - hello McPhone!] the land-line is back, with shoppers literally hanging off them at The Vintage Furniture Flea. Doing a little research, we found this wonderful film blog, ilovehotdogs, for anyone wanting a little inspiration when choosing the right retro communicative device. 

Stay tuned this week as we foray back into fashion [who are we kidding - between Judy gallivanting with Matthew Williamson and our intermittent googling of Burberry, fashion never took a backseat] and join us as we head into full-on FAIR SEASON!

Ciao for now,


Thursday, 8 September 2011

Leeds: Shaking it up like a Bombay Mix

To say that we're supposed to take inspiration from seasoning this season [one imagines the conversations now - 'excuse me mr. vintage trader, do these blouses come in masala? I wanted to wear it with a saffron jean but i'm worried it might 'tikka' it too far....'] then Leeds was one 'spicy meat-a-ball. [excuse the slightly stereotypical Italian accent here - it's the seasoning,it's gone too our heads]
Whether you're into it or not, our Leeds Corn Exchange shoppers were shaking it up like a Bombay mix. Take a look below....

Prints, brights,gothic chic - a smorgasbord of choice on offer when considering your winter looks [all of which can be found at our fairs in london and brighton this weekend] Whatever your angle, the days of a demure cold season are a terra-gonner.


Friday, 2 September 2011

Trend Alert: Morticia-Chic

All hands on deck, we've recruited our new Judy's assistant into a bit of Joe-blogging this week, as we begin our forray into the A/W trends. Turning to the dark side, our Iz shows you the Siouxsie-Sioux and don'ts of working this season's gothic trends....

"Say hello to purple lips, smokey eyes and the gothic darling...get ready to paint it black.

Despite colorful bursts of mustard, red and blue, the dark side reigns supreme this season; fetish remains mainstream and black lace at Lanvin demonstrate how many designers are delving into the mysterious craze of GOTH.

With a little goth in all of us, why not embrace Autumn to experiment, turning to vintage to get authentic punk and gothic looks [after all, faded is the way forward!]

The return of the cold weather has allowed layering to re-enter our outfits, allowing an even greater way to show-off your wardrobe!! Layer faded leather with inky velvets and some shiny PVC then, if it’s extra chilly, get some 80’s mohair in there to boot. On warmer days, mix sheer fabrics and lace, mixing up your textiles but not your colours to channel the single-pallette trend.

But what of footwear? Think back a season to Prada creepers! When hunting for creepers, keep your peepers open for vintage - they're much more affordable. Go for the triple soles - bigger is better when going for goth.

Think bold, think big think... Robert Smith! We want studded leather. We want ripped fishnets. We want sky-high platforms with hair-dos to match! Do all this and you'l be the chicest fashionista in the shade!"

There we have it folks - the 411 on Morticia-chic. For anyone in Leeds this weekend, Izzy [featured below - bear not to scale] will be out and about papping our free vintage weekender - don't be afraid to say hello!

xVVx & Izzy, the Vintage Warrior