Monday, 15 March 2010

Derby Fun and games!

The Affordable Vintage Fair rolled into Derby on February 28th and I was there casting my eye over the amazing goodies on offer. Having visited quite a few vintage fairs lately I was adamant I was going to be just browsing, however, that never works out! Here's a few of my favourite things that were on offer:
I loved these 1970s knickers and pants:

On the clothes front this rail from Princes vintage immediately caught my eye, a fair few fifties day dresses on offer! I'll come back to this later:
Perfect for accessorising those fantastic vintage outfits are these amazing tights! I have a policy of never showing my knees so you would only ever see a calf full on me though!
The thing I really loved about this particular fair was the amazing aray of homewares on offer! This stall (which also had the wonderful 'gay-time' vintage pants) had a great selection of kitchenalia and all sorts of curiosities:

I was definately taken by this stall though which specialised in vintage tins, I especially loved the Hawaiian ones:

The same stall had some other gorgeous home accessories, I fell in love with the little blue and white plastic sewing box in this picture, and for the bargain price of £4, it would have been rude not to take it home!

Bargain of the day definately had to be this amazing original 1950s gown for, wait for it, £5!!!! Yes £5!!! It has some gorgeous beading details on the straps and some beaded buttons down the front. It is a bit longer than i usually wear and definately more glam! But I plan to take this up and fit the bodice a bit more. When I do I shall blog it of course!
Back to the amazing rail of dresseson the Princes stall, excuse the dodgy photos, I ragged my lovely vintage hair out of it's do while hastily trying on these two dresses! Dress number one was a beautiful yellow and orange day dress. Yellow is my favourite colour so I really liked it! However, I fell in love with dress number 2 the moment i put it on! The bodice was a cross pattern and really love how it fits! So for £30 I chose this one to come home with me! So after resolving not to spend a thing, I spent £39! However, I did come home with 2 beautiful dresses and a super cute sewing basket!

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