Thursday, 26 August 2010

The Best Weekend Ever - Also known as 'The Weekend we had our photos took next to cars!

I know there have been a few posts about Vintage at Goodwood already but thought I'd add my two penneth. Myself, the lovely Sarah H and Kati P drove down and were part of the 'Judy's' crew helping the stall holders set up etc. We got to witness the magic of all the stalls been set up and them bringing out their beautiful treasures for us to pine for.

We spent the weekend in total awe of just the entire look of the whole festival, the High Street was breathtaking, the stalls were unbelievable, packed with the most astounding array of goodies I've ever seen and the atmosphere was one of pure delight! So I thought I'd run through my top five things things of the weekend:

5 - The activities:

There was so much to actually do besides see bands, we didn't even scratch the surface. One of our favourite things was screen printing our own scarves with the lovely folk from, it was a design by Sally Elford for the V&A and here's a photo of me royally messing it up despite the fact I have a degree in it.

4 - The Stuff to See!!

There was literally so much to see it was overwhelming. I could just fill pages and pages with photos, but I picked out a couple of my favourites. We loved the Bad Art tent where you had to pick your best and worst piece of Art on display. The Fuzzy Felt Jaws was unanimously voted the winner by us!

The Bonhams tent was also filled with delights, there were costumes, guitars, Artwork and I couldn't resist having my photo taken with the Ridgway Homemaker tea service, even though, as pointed out by Sarah, I could have took this at home!

Throughout the whole weekend there were people milling around dressed in costume, sometimes it was hard to distinguish between the punters and the people playing characters though! Two that stood out were the lovely ladies in swim mg costumes and these two Policemen. I loved them! They didn't even laugh when I said it was like being in Life on Mars and kept character the whole time.

3 - The Cars
The cars could only be described as AMAZING!!!!! We spent probably half the weekend having our photos just stood in front of amazing cars!

2 - The Stalls
As always the Judy's stall holders had the most amazing stock. I was on a strict no spending regime (which obviously I didn't stick to!) but I will post my treasures another time. There was such an array of things on offer it was very difficult to not just run round in a vintage induced haze. Unluckily, I found my dream wedding dress on one of my favourite stalls which can be found on facebook here:

1 - My absolute favourite thing was...... this photo!!!!
I know it's probably terribly vain to have a photo of myself as a favourite thing, but seriously, I don't photograph well and I'm not guffawing on it!! This was taken in the BBC antiques magazine tent where they basically had my dream living room set up. It was so beautiful. I'm fairly sure the lady was getting fed up of me just staring at it!
And so that was Goodwood. What a weekend!!!

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