Friday, 2 December 2011

More! More! More!

Today is one of those days where, if my head weren't [bad grammar here - roll with it] screwed on, I feel I would be doomed to loom beheaded, like a rejected Gaga outfit, circa X Factor '11.

Road-Runner-ing [or should that be Road-Running - how does one take common cartoon nouns and turn them verbal - DEBATE!] all over the place for our Spitalfields event, I've decided to take five and deal with this back-log of blogging [back-blog - love it!] that's been on my to-do list for too long.

In semi-recent news, those of you that peruse the glam-infused pages of More! magazine may have spotted a familiar sliver of branding of late..

Rocking the Navajo-Vintage Tote look, it's only our venues manager Rebecca Lockwood, outside our Nottingham event! Papped for the 'From Bag to Body' feature [if you get the words 'bag' and 'body' the wrong way around - as I quite frequently do - the whole feature takes a much more macabre turn. Dark stuff guys, real dark.] we enjoy her fringing, blonde locks and shameless, shameless product placement [Judy's tote, £3, available at all our fairs thank-you-please]

Phew! There we have it - fame strikes again! Stay with us as we battle on with the Back-Blog over the next few days and try to get you updated with all the news from Judy HQ.

Onwards and upwards,


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