Friday, 15 January 2010

Vintage style competition winner

Here's our first winner in our vintage style competition. We asked you to write in no more than 100 words what 'vintage style' means to you. We've had an amazing response and picked our first winner.. drum roll please...

Vintage is a unique style, a personality, a revolution in fashion. Its the Chanel 1926 Little Black Dress, the Dior 'New Look', the Quant mini and Westwood punk. Individualism set in an era that epitomises the times and events from a decade. Vintage style is about standing alone, making a statement and creating a look that no-one else could identically recreate. Its class, sophistication, taste and attitude but mostly its about the heart of a person. Their loves, desires, dreams and ambitions. Vintage style is not simply about the clothes its also about the person their memories, their mood, their personality and there all round vintage style.

By Tracy Martin

Tracy wins a bottle of the new Kate moss scent 'vintage'. do you agree with Tracy? Your thoughts please..


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  2. I have just started a discussion about this on my facebook page, so I hope you don't mind I have linked to this post from it as it's a perfect quote!

  3. I think it's a beautiful way to define it, although I'm not very sure that Chanel, Westwood or Dior actually made vintage at their times. Alternativelly, I would say they've become vintage as they are revolution one-of-a-kind creators that have trascended the time frontiers.
    Nevertheless, I totally agree with the part that states it speaks about your soul, memories, history and sensibility.

  4. We don't mind at all Minky Magic
    it's great to get everyone talking about it!