Friday, 4 June 2010

Vintage at Tiffany's

Since 1837 Tiffany's have been supplying the world with their exquisite jewellery and pioneering designs. Next week as part of the Bond Street Culture and Heritage week they are hosting the exhibition 'American Glamour 1930s-1950s: Jewellery From The Tiffany & Co Archives'. It proves to be an excellent opportunity for normal folk to dip into the tiffany archives. There will be some beautiful jewels to stare longingly at.

When I first saw the article in Stylist magazine I began day dreaming about being Holly Golightly in Breakfast At Tiffany's (it doesn't take a lot!). Ahhh Tiffany's. 


  1. I think seeing Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffany's for the first time was the single moment when I realised vintage was my calling.

    I have never wanted to be a person so much! haha.

    Little Rachael Vintage

  2. wish i could be there! i've watched Breakfast at Tiffany's a bijillion times. it's ridiculous and borderline insane. but i discover some new detail every time i see it.