Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Bye-Bye Highstreet! Vintage through the eyes of a Fist-Timer

Greetings loved ones! Now, as i'm sure you remember me mentioning a wee bit back that this month is our lovely blog's big ol' birthday! Happy Birthday blog! In the spirit of sharing the wealth, we're getting in guest-bloggers and special interviews through the bonfire month. To start us off with a bang, we've got Judy HQ's latest addition and promo-go-to-gal Oliva to describe her first time at the vintage fair...

"Vintage?" you say, "but i'm a topshop girl!"

I guess you could call me an ambassador for Arcadia; my wardrobe consists of all things Topshop and Miss Selfridge. As for my style, i'd say 'pretty with a twist.' As you can imagine, when I heard Judy’s Affordable Vintage fair was coming to Leeds, to say I was in two minds was an understatement. To me, ‘vintage’ always held connotations of jumble sales and used clothes, something to wrinkle your nose at. Little was i to know that i was about to eat my hat!

The day before the vintage fair, I had finally got hold of the elusive Topshop cream Aran cardigan that had been out of stock for months. As is sods law, upon arriving at the vintage fair I was mortified to discover racks of cream Aran cardigans, all unique and about a third of the price. So there I was, a Topshop clone with a soul destroying bank balance, when I could have had a completely unique cardigan and money for this week’s food shop-Gutted.

Additionally, I came away with a gorgeous faux fur coat, huge this season (obviously so, as the high street are selling them for ludicrously high prices!) My coat was only £35 and it had the most intricate double breasted buttons - Job done! I also came away with a beautiful wool jumper with gorgeous elaborate wooden buttons, and a stunning 1970’s handbag.

Throughout the whole day, I spent less on four items than I would on one item on the high street, and I know that nobody else is going to have the clothes I have. So for all the vintage virgins out there-take it from your newly-coverted vintage-sister - GIVE VINTAGE A GO! You will not be disappointed!'

There we have it folks, you've heard it from the horses mouth - take a chance on the old-stuff for you never know what you might find.

VV [and Miss Olivia] ouuut xVx

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