Wednesday, 24 November 2010

A season in the shoes of Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair

Greetings loved ones! Now its been a few since i've graced your shores dropping pearls left, right and centre like an oyster with butter fingers but as fair season A/W 10 comes to a close and things start to slow down at Judy HQ, you once more have my undivided attention [well, not quite undivided - we still have the old-school bonanzas that are Lincoln, Sheffield and an incredibly festive York to do. But apart from that, its blog,blog,blog, chomp, chomp, chomp - it's practically December and so it would be considered intolerable if i didn't stuff my face.]

As is the tendency towards this slim, festive slither of the year that remains, we here at Judy HQ have taken a look back at the season that's just been - a season of new cities, fresh faces and, of course, vintage outfits galore. Waxing historical and in that favourite style of our resident bookings manager, the list, here's our top 5 Judy's moments throughout A/W 10...

1. The Vintage Furniture Flea

Born from a love of homewares treading the decades and embracing the current trend to furnish ecclectically, the Vintage Furniture Flea was born. Focusing primarily on the 50s through to the 70s, the Bethnal Green event was a roaring success, grabbing a flat-pack Ikea generation by the scruff of the neck and demonstrating the ease of furnishing an abode with genuine old-school articles without costing an arm and a leg. Capturing all the chutzpah of a bustling Brooklyn flea, we can't wait for the next one! NYC via Bethnal Green? Yes please!

2. The launch of new cities -Brighton and Birmingham

With knitted brows and shrewed faces we at Judy HQ waited to see where would be the latest destinations to recieve the Judy Berger vintage fair treatment. As the pointing stick [there was no actual 'pointing stick' - contrary to popular belief, Judy HQ isn't some sort of war bunker, 150 ft below ground] landed on not one but TWO destinations, one right in the belly of Britannia and the other south of the border [er, so to speak...] the job was done. Launching for the first time this month, Brighton and Birmingham's Affordable Vintage Fairs were a laugh riot! With you Midlands kids going loco for vintage and our 60 traders at Brighton representin' our biggest fair yet, we loved it. The only problem is: WE WANT MORE! Bigger, better,bolder, like that bit in Power Rangers where the baddy gets even LARGER! Now, i can't give too much away but let's just say....Wales, its morphin' time!

3. The Vintage Pop-Up at The Corn Exchange

Whats that you say, sonny? You want to turn a gorgeous, medieval stalwart of the community into a what....a block of hotels?! An Asda?! I don't think so sunshine! Packed to the rafters with vintage bits from all over Yorkshire, Leeds' Corn Exchange was brought back to life by Berger and crew! Where empty pale-faced rooms once stood, now stand rail upon rail of retro paraphanalia, capes, coats and magazines, eyeglasses, accessories and jewellery, jumpers galore and a whole lot more. Finally taking its rightful place as a retail Duke of the local community, the Corn Exchange is alive and kicking [apart from their ghost of course...still, you have to pick your battles!]

4. Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair Leeds - September 2010

T: "Hey mate. are we going to go to that vintage fair that's going on at the Union?"

S: "Oh, i dunno mate - i'm hanging, have uni at one and i'm broke."

T:"Hmm, says here that there's cake. And fill a bag for a tenner..."

[insert dust cloud where students used to be]

Times the above scenario by about 1900 and we're pretty much there. Wow.

5. Bethnal Green' Affordable Vintage Fair

The Big Smoke is always a big one but little did we know just how VERY big it was going to be. 2000 of you eager vintage beavers perused our stalls and stripped our rails clean - not a faux fur in site or a barbour for miles come hometime! London, you were hungry for it and for your appetite, we salute you. God save the...well, you!

So there we have it folks! Keep your eyes glued here for more lists and nostalgia as the weeks go passed and for all of those umming and ahing about Lincoln, Sheffield and York in the next two weeks, we hope this has wet your appetite.

A very happy and humbled VV out! x

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