Monday, 17 October 2011

The Cosmo Blog Awards: Just the Ticket

It's not every Monday that leaves one feeling like a fictional character; granted, early-morning confrontations with your inbox can sometimes flatten your mood [never mind a check of your messages after a week-long holiday - yowzers!]  and so we've all started the week a little 2D from time to time.

That said, today was an exception; sitting in our inboxes was a proverbial golden ticket, taking the form of an invitation to this year's Cosmo Blog Awards taking place next Wednesday. Mouth ajar like guppy in the wind, will you scream with me? 1,2,3....AHHHHHH!

Ahem, grasping for our dignity[and air - that was some scream!] we're delighted to be attending. Featuring the creme de la creme of the British blogosphere, we'll be on our best behaviour [minimal puns and even minimal-er dress code -well, we might slip some print in there somewhere!] As we [quite literally] take on our wardrobes, we just wanted to say a MASSIVE thanks to all who have made this possible. Charlie might've been happy when he found that ticket, but boy, it's not a patch on the euphoria permeating Judy HQ. Pinch us quick - we must be dreaming.


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