Monday, 31 October 2011

Lowe and behold!

Things can turn up in the strangest of places - that much we know is true. Now, we're not simply talking about the ordinary - car keys inexplicably in the fridge, bank cards lost in a plethora of 'safe places' [safe after a gin or two, clueless in the morning - note to self: STOP HIDING THINGS!] - but that which is extraordinary.

Such a thing happened at Bath yesterday afternoon. Our first event in the city, our expectations were high, despite being a little in the dark [literally - the clocks went back - and metaphorically. As with all new events, it would be cocky not to be a little on edge.] Safe to say, dear readers, that Bath was a hit. But in the midst of the shoppers, nobody could preempt the presence of a certain word that sends judders down every Heat-lovers spine [the magazine, not the temperature - is it possible to be a fan of warmth?? Debate!] 'Celebrity' was the word, a four-syllable glitter-ball that causes most to squeel like piggies.

Not even a month since our last brush with the stars [Chloe Sevigny - Liverpool circa October 2011] designer, icon and mother to one of the most smoldering creatures on the earth, Pearl Lowe came for a jolly [pictured with Fair Manager Kirstie who is in her 'marking-up' outfit, just so you know.]

A lady steeped in infamy, Pearl was a doll! Having a bit of retail r n' r, one wonders if she was seeking inspiration for her next capsule collection for store Peacocks? From what we saw on the front row of her summertime catwalk show [click here for details] our money's on yes.

And there we have it - another brush with stardom. 'Who will be next?' we hear you scream. We just couldn't call it. But if things go on at such a rapid rate, then we might have to start saving for a tangible 'hall of fame' before we know it [more of an alcove at the minute - hello extension!]



  1. Glad the lovely Pearl came along to your fair. She was at ours the day before! So sorry I was unable to take you up on your offer of a stand in Bath. Will watch this space for the next one there... Lizzie

  2. Lovely dresses and hair