Thursday, 17 November 2011

I think i'm turning Japanese...

Oriental goods delivered straight to your door - a concept, as you can imagine, not entirely foreign to us [why, many a night we have waited for a certain rap-rap-rapping on the glass to receive a myriad of tasty treats. The only way that moo shu could get in our mouths any quicker would be a funnel through a letterbox- an image too graphic for 10am this morning!]

And so, as we went about lives this week [indigestion in tow - note to self: CHEW!] little did we know of the glorious Japanese surprise that awaited us...

'Brilliant!' we thought. scooping it up for a lunch-time persue. A whole issue on Japanese vintage. At the fairs, we see many fashionistas from the East always impeccably-dressed and accessorized. As one of our facebook faves Japanese Streets [go on, take a look] testament with their regular street-style, old-world's alive and kicking, no matter what your timezone.

We flicked on, thumbing our way to a middle-page spread. 'Pretty!' we thought, thinking how very...London this looked...

Flicking on, we began to wonder...could we be in this? Narcissistic yes,  that some big glossy fashion mag [named So-en by the by, Japan's very first fashion magazine, founded in the 30s!] would feature us. But hey, we're dreamers! Just as we thought the bubble had been burst, we came across this..

WOOHOO! Regardless of what could be quite questionable PR [we, unfortunately, don't speak a lot of Japanese. Touch wood, we're taking the text as positive, not negative] it's lovely to be featured!

Arigato So-en magazine! Here's to our next over-seas feature!



  1. This is cute ! Love that girl in the stripey coat, amaze. Quite strange as I was papped by a Japanese mag when flyering for the Kilo sale! Sad thing is I can't remember the name of it, maybe one day it'll pop up ! XX

  2. Haha it's gorgeous isn't it? I feel like we've all had a clandestine experience with Japanese bloggers at some point - our former bookings gal and resident goth Sam and i were papped at 5 in the morning in Soho a few weeks ago by some inebriated Japanese street-stylists [highly embarrassing - lots of looking into the distance and thinking you're cooler than you are!!] Lets hope that one doesn't make it to print! xx

  3. Love that magazine! I have a scan of the whole article on my blog as i was featured too- i wish i could actually read it!

  4. Kathy it's gorgeous!! Where were you featured and i'll take a look! Sounds weird, but i love the smell of the paper haha. Such joy from the simplest of things! x

  5. I am also an avid fan of vintage clothes but I haven't gone to Japanese vintage store so far. But it seems the two of you had enjoyed being there for quite some time!

    Angelwynxx --->>

  6. Absolutely love your blog! Huge fan of vintage - I'm the editor of Vintage Lifestyle Magazine.

  7. Hi Nicole - d'oh just seen this! Thank you so much for the kind words - i've just had a cheeky peruse of the mag and it's great!! If you ever need anyone to contribute, just give me a shout! xx