Wednesday, 2 November 2011

A weigh in the life...

Some things are meant to be shared; good [and bad] jokes, gin, your best friend's wardrobe [despite what they say..] and THIS, dear readers, a snap from last weekend's London Vintage Kilo Sale...

Meet Lally. Student. Stylist. All-round good-egg. Lally was out and about helping to promote The Vintage Kilo Sale, five hours of London madness that saw the capital snaffle up 3 TONNES of vintage clothing [we'll be back on December 17th if anyone wants round two, as well as jaunts to Leeds and Edinburgh]

We can't really explain Lally's style and we think that's why we like it. Inexplica-chic [remember where you heard it first!] it's a great look! Catch Lally and our other street teams putting the 'prom' into 'promo' all over the UK and post here if you want to get involved.



  1. I want to go to a £15 per kilo vintage fair but I missed the last one in my hometown... more of the same in Sheffield please!!

  2. Morgan!! I know, we should just take the kilo everywhere, dishing out goodies to shoppers on a shoestring nationwide! Who knows, maybe one day we'll do Sheffield! Speaking of, we're back in Shef with the the fair a week Saturday - will we be seeing you? [here's the link so you can 'ave a snoop!]