Friday, 14 January 2011

Friday Fun with The Affordable Vintage Fair

Greetings loved ones,

As we slog on at Judy HQ and the rest of you soldier through your day, here's a little light relief to usher in the weekend courtesy of Parisian heavyweight 'L'Officiel' magazine, September 1957....

In addition to belted coats, cloche hats, wool dresses and all the other couture delights of a Paris gone by [which will, bit by bit, be winging their way onto the blog for your occular pleasure. At this moment in time, I just want to stack up the old editions into some sort of chronological fort, pulling each one out like vintage-mag jenga. If you want me, i'll be in my paper Bastille!] this particular ad tickled my funny bone...

Fresh from the Sator marketing boys, the fifties ad appears to be for, well....stripes [not the freshest of concepts, i concur, but let's roll with it...] Alongside our three, preened housewives, one cannot help but notice a jolly prisoner, all aloft on his toes and looking rather pleased with himself. What could our inmate be so smug about, standing there all shackled and immobile?

Monsieur prisoner is probably so chuffed because his ensemble is finally 'de rigeur;' weaving the whole tapestry together, a cheeky French tagline reads 'a the charm of stripes.' There's our answer - throw out those pastels ladies, prison chic is in. As, er, literal as it is, the ladies look happy enough [and mr. prisoner looks down right delighted] and juvi-worthy verticals are still with us fifty years later - one only has to look at thje hubbub caused over music muse Rihanna's blazer choice in the 'What's my name' video...

Testament to the constant loop-de-loop that is fashion, vintage couture magazines such as Vogue and l'Officiel are great ways to train your eye to look for the one-off articles when shopping the fairs and are offer great styling inspiration when ploughing through the Highstreet [keep your eyes out for seventies editions if you want a little help on how to wear this season's biggest trend.] As for the penchant for stripes, the ladies above certainly look like they 'feel like the olny girls in the world' [even if it is Green mile chic. Let's hope that Li-Lo's orange jumpsuit can't be found back in the vintage archives. Shuudderr]

That's all for now folks, check back next week for tips on vintage jewellery and we go all Black Swan glamourous.

Old-school lovin,'


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