Thursday, 6 January 2011

'No necks, legs or shoulders please - we're British'

Greetings loved ones!

First of all, Happy New Year from all at Judy HQ!! Wherever you were, whoever you were with, we hope that it was [at least partially] a memorable affair! Now that the stockings are down, the trees are packed away [such a sad day in any household - we wish there was a place we could keep them up all year round - call it 'Treehab. Or 'A and Tree'] and the Baileys is banished, we're gearing up for 20-11. Are you excited?? Because we're excited!

Adding Cardiff, St. Andrews and Southampton to our repertoire, The Affordable Vintage Fair is coming at you from all sides! For a full list of dates, check back to our
homepage and keep your peepers on Facebook. With more traders, accessory-buffs and vintage whizkids on the bill, we really are fit to burst!

The New Year always gives me the jitters. Not just through too much sugar, unattainable resolutions and the thought of alarm bells pre-9am [eurgh] but good jitters, a sign that my fashion sense is tingling. Several months ago [think back through four inches of Halloween make-up and forty inches of snow] the industry's bigwigs mapped-out what we would be wearing come Spring/Summer 2011. 'Board shorts? Coral? Straw Hats?' you may have mocked from the comfort of your Maxis, Arans and all things taupe. Nevertheless, time ticks on and as we head towards the fashionable equinox [cruise lines are already in stores, tantalising those with looks for warmer climes] the Spring ad campaigns are out on the loose. Take a look for yourselves...

Bronzed beauties, shimmering cadillacs, svelte silhouettes against blistering landscapes - and who said that S/S 11 was all about 'optimism,' purity and ease [to be fair, it was Alexander Wang and the New Yorker's line is true to his word.] Still, the prospect of getting those heads, shoulders, knees and toes out this close to the New Year makes my inner Brit, well, a bit sick. Perhaps that's why the campaign that grabbed me the most was Emma Hill's Mulberry ad...

Set within what could be a war-torn tea room [and not unlike some of our abodes this time of year] the shoot is almost 'Upstairs, Downstairs' meets 'Through the Looking Glass.' Inspired by both 'The Secret Garden' and 'Watership Down' one can't help but note the nod to vintage - the rural beauties kicking back in trenches and tie booties, 'working' the land like the ladies on the Home Front during forties Britannia. Not a cacti in sight, there's something comforting in the multi-purpose trench, the practical satchel-style bags, something that has stood the test of time. Mild, but nonetheless mesmerizing, springtime in Britain.

For all those who are yet reticent to give up their neutrals and capes for beach balls and cobalts, [and let's face it - we're British. We probably won't see an actual Summer until 2012] check out this wonderful picture from Vogue, March 1987. Amonst an ocean of gloves on one hand and shoulder pads [good GOD, i love the eighties!] was this Calvin Klein diamond in the rough...

Demure make-up, flowing and neutral work-ware and the crowning achievement, a chequed belted trench. Simple but effective, and the staple of any wardrobe worth its salt. Check out our upcoming vintage fairs in Newcastle, Durham, Leeds and the Midlands to bag, nay, invest in one of these bad boys for effortless style come rain or shine.

That's all for now folks - back to the grindstone. More little lovechidren from Madame Scanner and myself next week.

Stay chic Brit kids - it's gonna be a good one.


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  1. I cannot express how excited I am about you coming to Southampton!! I can't wait!