Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Hasbeens Heartbreak....followed by extreme joy!

Hello all, before I begin I'd like to apologise for my absence from the blog for a while, I have been extremely busy with my day job, university and the lack of a camera is preventing me from sharing my amazing recent carboot/charity shop finds (hopefully later this week!)! So I thought I'd begin by telling you a sorry tale about a pair of beautiful boots (it does have a happy ending though, I promise.). Ever since the lovey Judy introduced me to the wonder of Swedish Hasbeens I have been on a mission to own some. A few small things stood in my way; they come from Sweeden, they don't sell them in Ikea and they are way out of my price range! So image my joy when I came across these beauties, reduced from a whopping £265 to a shockingly amazing £70 on http://www.topshop.co.uk/:

When they came they were everything I expected, well made, beautiful and very very comfortable. However there was one small problem, unfortunately I have very sausagy legs and when I put them on, my legs just looked terrible! They were the wrong height and I knew if I kept them they'd just sit in my cupboard unloved and unworn. So with a heavy heart I returned them.

So I carried on my search for the perfect boots and after much searching, I managed to bag myself a pair of these gorgeous Jodphur books from asos for £120 (£150 minus the 20% student discount at the moment):

They are so beautiful I love them, and although not quite the bargain the others were, they will get worn.

On my internet travels searching for Hasbeens I realised I don't have to pay a fortune for these amazing shoes for two reasons. Reason number one is there are some amazing sales on at the moment, have a look at http://www.asos.com/search/pgeSearch.aspx?q=hasbeens, they have some excellent reductions, plus an extra 20% for students at the moment. I also found these:

Reason number two was my most exciting discovery though! H&M have teamed up with Swedish Hasbeens and are releasing their own specialy designed range!!!!! They will be available in stores on April 20th (marked on my calendar!). There will be three different styles, my favourite being this:
and they will retail at 49.95 Euros (not sure of sterling price as it doesn't say!). For the full press release and details go here: http://www.hm.com/gb/press/pressmeddelanden/mode/fashionpressrelease.ahtml?pressreleaseid=1164

I almost wept with joy at the thought! If you can't wait until April for some bargain Hasbeens, Ebay is always my go to place. I bagged a pair of these last year for £30 including postage:
There are always a few pairs on and you never know you might grab a bargain.
For those of you who don't fret about price, check out the new Spring/Summer 2011 collection on the website: http://www.swedishhasbeens.com/spring-season-2011-c-17.html, there are some gorgeous new styles including flat Hepburn style pumps and 60s slingbacks. My personal favourites are these:
Perforated leather with a cute bow!!! What more could you ask for!
So thats all for now, I will be back asap with tales of light fittings, leather satchels and dress patterns from land of Charity shops!

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