Wednesday, 3 August 2011

The Vintage Festival: Swing Lowe

'Pirouettes, tutus, ballet,' you may stipulate, in response to the above image, 'isn't that a bit passé?' Perhaps, dear reader, we'll give you that; reminiscent of a mere 8 months ago when we were all Colin Firth and Celine capes, the family Lowe's choice of prima ballerinas on the runway does feel a little bit yester-year.

The new capsule collection for Peacocks by Pearl, Daisy [and mini-Lowe Betty, aged 4] showcased at The Vintage Festival is none-the-less spectacular; lace, corsets and feathers in amber, duck-egg blue and ivory swept across the runways. Inspired by the flapper from the 1920s and using vintage fabrics, the collection ditches connotations of classicism, the show itself a little more burlesque than ballet. Lightyears from the OTT plumage of Jean Paul Gaultier [whose A/W collection looks to be designed for super villains not super models] the Lowe look is a tale of two halves; demure yet contemporary, feminine yet edgy [though the using sheer fabrics] as light as a feather with a certain gravity.

At the end of the show, all the Lowes appeared, Daisy looking stunning in a collared tea dress. The audience, a million miles away from the usual 'Frow' crowd of designers and celebrities, lapped it up. It is in this moment that one realises what a wonderful ethos The Vintage Festivals holds to its heart; as well as shining a light on the brands and icons that have made up 50 years of fashion history, the light is very much on the public, the everyday styles, items and idiosyncrasies that in the words of Mr Hemingway 'make us the coolest nation on earth.' In helping to further that, Lowe [both Daisy and Pearl] we salute you.


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