Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Life through a Lens with Judy HQ

They say a 'picture is worth a thousand words' and, this time, we're going to believe them.

In that vain, we wanted to treat you to a little occular delight [oh dear, it sounds like a Halloween dessert] to catch you up with all that we've been up to these past few weeks. Set phasers to 'stunning' - these pics will blow you away...

Plane-sailing at Fly to the Past Festival

Talk about 'pin-up...'

Paisleys and pea-greens at the Spitalfields Bank Holiday Vintage Market

Baring all whilst treading the boards - it's Proud Cabaret

Looking sharp - 'A pencil full of lead' at Spitalfields

And there we have it - hi-jinx, sky-jinx and a whole host more. As we embark on fair season '11/12, the above image says it all; 'these are the good old days' vintage fans, and we're delighted to be spending them with you.

For anyone in Leeds this weekend, catch us for a free vintage weekender here.


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