Monday, 1 August 2011

The Vintage Festival: Seventy years of Style

For any vintage fan who has picked up a paper in the last few months, the following mantra regarding 'Vintage at the South Bank' may ring familiar; "Vintage at the South Bank is a sensual delight," states Wayne Hemingway, design mogul and man behind the event; "Vintage is a big dressing up box, a collectors dream, a creative feast."

For anyone stood on site, a quick 3-60 concretes this statement; little Liza Minellis handed out samples, ladies with parasols and gents in hats watched the Chap Olympiad whilst a gaggle of fifties gal-pals walked on by. From Jimmy Saville to Savile Row, no look was left untouched.

Whilst nobody can deny that 'Vintage at the South Bank' was a sensory buffet, some could have a bone to pick with the any suggestion of 'fancy-dress;' With bloggers, the BFC, journalists and celebrities on site, 'Vintage at the South Bank' was much more than a cabaret old chum; a testament to the integrity of vintage as both a style and a lifestyle, check out our best-dressed selection below and see that retro is so much more than treading the boards....

For more photos from a wonderful weekend at the South Bank, check out our Facebook page - mid-century furniture, celebs, men channeling 'Saturday Night Fever' and a lorra lorra wonderful stock, take a look here.


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