Thursday, 12 January 2012

From Coral Reef to Teenage Witch: 2012 trend predictions from Judy HQ

Hello vintage fans! It's Kieran, the Vintage Vulture writing to you for the first time in 2012. Cor, isn't this NOVEL?! You're still here, we're still here, nobody has disappeared in a Y2k-style disaster [wasn't that a funny NYE?  Spending the end of '99 waving flashing beanie Millennium-Bugs whilst secretly taking inventory of your canned goods JUST in case you had to hit the bunker come midnight. Just my family? Seriously? Ok then.]

Folks, we should apologise; at a time when the web is bereft with  diets, holiday plans and sunny summer clothes [We haven't been below three layers for months!] our light-hearted chat is a necessity. Taking our snouts out of the Quality Street tin just long enough to type,  [seriously Santa, next year just bring me a nose-bag and a farm-hand to peel them] we thought we'd get back on the blog-horse.

Now, we were going to commence with just how ridiculously amazing our SPITALFIELDS JANUARY SALE was [I saw a woman leave with a Welch-worthy vintage wedding dress for a fiver. Madness!] but then we came across this: -

Lightbulb-headband and candy-pocket aside, it's not too far off the mark. Up-dos? Check. Zips? Check. "Skirts will disappear entirely" - judging by your average episode of TOWIE, check, check check! This got us to thinking, what trends do we think will be big in a not too distant future?

Prepare your notebooks and set phasers to STUNNING as we run through some of 2012's  S/S potentially hot trends....

Sportswear-as-every-wear: Stella makes tracksuits, Ri-Ri wears short-shorts and our wardrobes crumble into 'going for gold.' Olympic fever may be here but there's no need to look like a hemorrhaging rainbow; just like Victoria B, we're turning to tailored vintage Lettermans and satin-y blouses to get the 411 on looking less 118. Adidas head-to-toe a million miles from a podium? Never going to be cool.

Do you see what I sea: Avast Versace, you constant muse. As any landlubber will have spotted, under the sea is in. Think shells and mermaids, sea-weed and reefs - easy to pick up on 50s and 60s dresses [as this sea-bird number above demonstrates] The trick? Channeling 'Ariel' and never 'Auld Gregg' [Disney via Noel Fielding] Boot of Baileys sold separately.

Melissa-Joan <3: Clarissa at one end, Sabrina at the other - Melissa Joan Hart provides the proverbial book-ends to a decade that's back in action.  Noughties to nineties - who would've thought it? Sabrina-worthy velvet, rucksacks and peter-pan collars [A/W] now fade into pastels, tie-die and Clarissa-worthy print. Go easy on the dungarees and accessorize with an annoying younger sibling and presto, you've nailed the trend.

Fearne Cotton, Harry Potter, Blake Lively & Whoopi Goldberg -  now there's a come-dine-with me that we'd like to see! Unifying this motley crew of fictitious wizards and nuns on the run is a penchant for the circular. Perfect for working that Lennon-look, we predict big things for sunnies which measure 360 degrees. Not sure? Draw some on! You'll be left looking hippy-chic in a jiffy [just never leave the house.]

And there we have it folks - more pouring over our crystal ball as the season ticks on! 

xVVx out

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