Thursday, 26 January 2012

The Jean Genie

If Helen's face launched a thousand ships, The Shrimp's figure launched a thousand shifts. Irrevocable, unforgetible and so super-chic it hurts, we're all of a quiver to see the Doctor's assitant Karen Gillan portray her tonight in 'We'll take Manhattan.'

Inbetween You-tubing Bailey,  Twiggy, Edie & Andy [we've gone all sixties this week-  get me in Betsey and call me a 'quaker!]  we found this adorable clip of Shrimp from the states...

See, even her handwriting was sassy.

In the midst of all this sixties-ness, were crying out for more sixties TV. Less 'Twiggy's Frock Exchange,' more  'Shrimp my Ride?' [perhaps. Possible cover art below]

Coming to a tellybox near you....


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