Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Pennies make pounds and pounds make PRADA...

Versace collabs, Mccartney on our tracksuits and Ab Fab back on the tele-box- welcome to the year of the label-drop, dear shopper, where every outfit is a sartorial 'Guess Who.'

Only joking, although we are partial to a spot of designer ware, especially if the price is right.

Channeling it so, we couldn't resist showing off this shopper from an end of year event, packing more designer than Patsi's black book.  Old-school beret meets bag by Lagerfeld and a bomber so iconic you'd know its maker from space.

With designer pieces always featuring at fairs, we've got our eyes peeled for stylish sixties Biba, Gucci prints and accessories and an overdose of Moschino. Our Tunbridge Wells and Norwich events could well be the place to begin [SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT]  with many traders dropping names on the rails.

Until then remember - pennies make pounds, and pounds make Prada [just not as many as you'd expect!]


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