Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Beautiful boots and delightful dresses

I have decided my staple items for Spring/Summer 2010 are going to be dresses (of course!) and ankle boots. I found some really cute items at last weeks Leeds fair. I really wish i had bought all of the boots i spotted but they were snapped up before i got round to it grrrr! I'm not surprised though as it's rare to find such perfect and unique boots for just £25, i was very impressed. I managed to get two dresses from Lynda at 'From Vintage To Vogue' at the York fair this weekend though! 'From Vintage To Vogue' is fast becoming one of my favourite stalls, every time i look there are more gorgeous little floral dresses yum! Best of all they start from around £15... Bargain!

Boots - Glass Onion Vintage  http://www.glassonionvintage.com/
Dresses - From Vintage To Vogue  http://www.fromvintage2vogue.co.uk/index.htm

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful boot buying, and I absolutely adore that first dress - so pretty! I was at the Liverpool fair at the weekend and picked up some fantastic bargains. So thank you!