Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Charity Shop Goodies

I went on an impromptu charity shop trip this week! I only actually went into town to get some spray for the frames I planned to use for the vintage magazines I bought at the Lincoln fair. However, I ended up having quite an afternoon! In the space of an hour I managed to spend £26.44 and came home with a whole host of goodies.

Firstly, I came accross a box of old pictures. I am a sucker for these as I love old frames! I found these for 99p each:
They are much much more suitable for the magazines and although they are 2 different colours, there are four! I have 2 magazines I have been meaning to frame for ages that would go great with them. Plus I like the frames themselves so wouldn't need to spray them, so here we go! The two magazines I got from Lincoln, plus my two others on my wall with my sunburst clock bought from the very same charity shop just a long time ago:
I love any kind of old embroideries and I always feel sad when I find them in charity shops. I remember watching my Mum spend hours making them and think it's such a shame someone spent such a long time making it for it to be given away. So obviously, I always end up taking them home! I found this in the same frame box for 99p.
Moving on to the next charity shop I found this beautiful little suitcase! I really don't need it but it was in perfect condition and maybe it will be a suitable hint for my boyfriend to take me away for the weekend! It was £3 and i love it!
After I discovered the joys of boys shoes at the Lincoln fair, I was suddently aware of the mens shoe rack of every shop I went in! I found these beauties perfect for work for £3.49:
And finally, to go down as one of my all time best ever charity shop finds (on the same list as the clock!) I came accross this 6 piece orginal 1950s condiment set! They were all priced up individually, but the lovely lady (who knows me as a regular) let me have the lot for £15. My favourite is obviously the cake stand but I love them all:
It's Crown Devon and each piece comes with a teak stand! My kitchen is currently in a half finished state, so I will be packing it away, ready for my G plan dining table (also to be acquired, preferably from a charity shop!) and my currently imaginary dream kitchen! Even Minnie the pesky cat loves them!
So there you have it, just like buses, the Charity shop finds come all at once! I have had a real dry spell of late then one afternoon I get the dream lot!


  1. I'm coming round to burgle you!! If thats how its spelt xx

  2. Such gorgeous things! I love the suitcase most of all. I must go hunting at the weekend!

  3. I love the suitcase too! It's got such a nice interior too! I scared to go back again now after such an amazing run, surely I won't get that lucky again!

  4. You can always find cases like this at car boot sales - seasons nearly started, can't wait!!

  5. Amazing Sarah, you've given me a right hankering to go on a charity shop expedition. Although Im preety lucky as I live right next to a charity shop warehouse (however overpriced it can be sometimes. £6 for a water damaged book of french poster prints?!) so score!