Thursday, 11 February 2010

Leeds and Lincoln finds!

Having been an avid vintage fair shopper for a very long time it still manages to suprise me how many fantastic finds I come accross at the Affordable Vintage Fair! Having visited two in the January Sale period, under the idea that i would just be 'browsing', I now have some more amazing goodies! Luckily, they haven't broken the bank though!

At the Leeds fair on the 24th of January I was completely taken by two dresses! They were both from the same stall, Little Old Me, and had me completely torn!
Dress one was a gorgeous stripey 1950s Betty Draper special!
Dress Two was an amazing 1950s (can you see a theme emerging?) strawberry print cotton number:
After much deliberation I went for dress number one as I really don't have anything like it, and for the bargain price of £45 I couldn't argue. Now all I need is a Don Draper and I will be living the Mad Men dream!

After a couple of weeks rest, the Lincoln fair rolled into town last Sunday, and again I was expecting to browse and not shop but ended up going home with two items I neve knew I needed, but now can't be without!

Firstly on the Haberdashery stall there were stacks of vintage fashion magazines from the 1920s onwards:
I bought 2 of these at £4 each and have some great car boot sale frames to modify for them. I will update you with a 'How to' when I have finished them!

And finally, my favourite find of the season, a pair of shoes! One thing I have never bought is vintage shoes, however the lovely Mr from Princes Vintage pointed these out and I was in love!
They are a bit scuffed now as I have literally, not had them off my feet, they are technically mens shoes, Bally and were the bargain price of £25! What more could a girl want!


  1. Ahhh Sarah no one looks better in 50's dresses than you.
    I love the Bally brogues... beaut!
    I can't wait to find out how you customise your frames!

  2. I said it at the fair and ill say it again, your waist looks absoloutly tiny in the orange striped 1950's dress! Both dead suit you : )