Friday, 9 April 2010

Charity Shop Tripping - April

I never realised just how much I stuff I get from charity shops, until I started blogging it, so these posts may become quite frequent! I'll start with the smaller finds first, I love vintage buttons and my friend and I like to make jewellery from them, so I couldn't resist this cute tin full to the brim for £1.50: Next I found this original 50s knitting basket, I love the print on the fabric and it was a bargain at £2.50:This blog is a bit different, these aren't just my charity shop finds this time, but my friends too. Before we go any further, I will say she is also called Sarah, I am not just talking about myself in third person as some people think! She is real!! We both love furniture, particularly mid twentieth century design and are always scouring the charity shops for the ultimate bargains. So when I got a text message saying we needed to visit our favourite charity shop because she'd seen an amazing bookcase through the window, we were there at opening time! This was the beauty that caught her eye:But what she didn't see from the window was the matching sideboard:The bookcase was £30 and the sideboard was £25, both solid wood and in fabulous condition. After deciding through the measuring system of a crooklock and 2 picture frames that it would fit under her stairs, she went for both.

Obviously I couldn't leave empty handed so when we saw this set of tables, which matches another round version I already have, I couldn't resist. They were £30, which is usually way over my charity shop limit, but my friend had seen just one of the fold down tables at a local antiques centre for £25, I thought they were probably worth it.So I took my tables and we arranged for Sarah's new furniture to be delivered. However on the way home I couldn't stop thinking about a small kitchen dresser I'd seen. So, being the worrier that I am, I phoned the charity shop as soon as I got home and asked her to save it for me and I'd pop back later to pay for it. This was the little beauty:

When I went in to pay for it, I was glad I'd phoned as the lady said there was someone wanting to buy it as soon as she got off the phone. For £30, I am very glad I phoned! I don't actually have anywhere for it yet as my house is currently in, what can only be described as a state! So I added it to Sarah's delivery and she kindly offered to look after it in her garage until my kitchen is ready. Also when I went in to pay for it, I bought this lovely, hand embroidered table cloth for £1. So having waited patiently for our delivery I thought I'd show you some snaps of them in situ. The extreemly accurate measuring system of a crooklock and two picture frames obviously works as the sideboard fits perfectly:

And the bookcase looks well at home next to Sarah's original 1950s table and chairs (incidentally, from the same charity shop!) and full of sylvac face pots:

Unfortunately my kitchen cabinet will have to live in Sarah's garage for a little while, but I will post picture when it has found a home:But the tables are in their tables are happy in their new place:And to follow on from a charity shop blog a while ago, I managed to replace the missing egg cup by finding a matching one on ebay!

So that's it for now, but I don't think you will be waiting long for the next one!

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