Thursday, 15 April 2010

Election Fever

With the election looming and everything getting more serious by the day we decided to lighten the mood with our own slant on the election. We think the PWAGS (politicians wives and girlfriends) could do worse than to inject a dash of vintage glamour into the proceedings. So Sarah, Samantha and Miriam take note vintage is the way forward! We at The Affordable Vintage Fair won't rest until you ladies are all clad in some vintage attire. So ditch the Erdem here's some vintage inspiration…

Clementine Churchill (1941) In all her 40's finery. A scarf upon her head and a fur on her back! Then there's Clarissa Eden's 1950's look. Gloves and a classic 50's full skirted dress topped off with a hat for good measure.

Margaret Thatcher, THE woman of politics who influenced the power dressing movement of the 1980's. 

Even though she's from across the pond we couldn't leave out Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. She is the most iconic politicians wife of all time, not only when it comes to vintage style. Carla Bruni has been know to emulate her impeccable taste in clothes. These images of her ooze 60's cool… 

We found too many wonderful examples of Jackie's style, you can see much more as there is a fashionspot page devoted to her here.

So to the PWAGS we say vintage is the way forward, pop along to The Affordable Vintage Fair and choose vintage! Come May 6th we will be rushing to the poll booths in our Thursday best!

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