Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Kilo Fun in Nottingham

Better late than never! but here's a little something about the Nottingham Kilo Fair which rolled into the Art Organisation on Sunday March 28th. We were all a bit tired due to the early start and the clocks going forward but the rails and boxes were set up and ready to go with plenty of time to spare!
If you've never been to a kilo fair, here's a quick run down of how it works. Basically it gives us , the vintage loving public the chance to buy clothes just like trade do - by weight. You go in, have a rummage, weigh your finds and pay either by the kilo (£15) or if it works out cheaper (heavy jumpers and jackets weigh more than you'd expect!) individually. Here's the lovely Claire having a browse before the customers arrive:When the doors opened we had lots of eager bargain hunters scouring the rails for their perfect finds:These were my two favourites, as you may have noticed, I love knitwear! Especially the hand knitted kind and loved this short and cute cable knit. It is actually much greener in real life but looks very blue int he photo!And I loved this dress! very 50s in style but much more likely to a 1980s reproduction. It came with it's very own matching belt too!I was good myself and managed to resist their charms, however, here are some lucky shoppers who came away with armfulls! This girl was in the fair for ages and managed to grab bags full! Here are two girls waiting to weigh up their purchases:
And finally, I was extreemly jealous when this girl nabbed this amazing penguin print tunic!! I almost wrestled her to the ground for it!

Well, thats the Nottingham Kilo Fair done, but it will be rolling into a town near you soon. Here's the website:

and join the facebook group for all the latest news:


  1. AHHHA my photo is on there !!!!! <3 me and my sister ( Im the girl next to the girl with the penguin dress ) :D

  2. Hello Alice! I hope you loved all your bargains!