Thursday, 2 September 2010

Biba Returns

Biba is being reincarnated by House of Fraser this month. The modern day muse? None other than our vintage favourite Daisy Lowe. Some really beautiful pieces of the collection including a glitzy cape, leopard coat and various limited edition dresses have been released in the Biba Lookbook. However without Barbara Hulanicki at the helm we doubt it will be the same and at £250 a dress it contrasts with the original affordable ethos of the Biba brand. We'll hold our breath.   


  1. I NEED that leopard print coat! I also wish I looked like Daisy Lowe... but the coat will have to do :)

    Cool blog, wish you were down in London more!!

    E x

  2. Fear not! We'll be back in London on the 24th October at our usual haunt of York Hall in Bethnal Green. We have an extra special fair lined up, a sort of Vintage at Goodwood celebration with 50 traders, vintage hairstyling and of course, lots and lots of clothes...xx