Thursday, 30 September 2010

Leeds, Leeds, Leeds and The Vintage Vulture flees the nest ["oohh" - this is a pun, you will see if you read on]

Greetings loved ones [I'm keeping that as my official greeting. Well, technically, that's Snoop Dogg's official greeting. Hmm, I don't want this to turn into a turf war... Ok, i'm going to work on the assumption that this is Snoop Dogg's official greeting ONLY when talking to Katy Perry, which, i imagine, isn't that often.]

Taking a wee vacation away from my regular roost on the Judy website, I was asked by the wunderbar folks at to drop a few pearls and write a guest blog on something vintage [naturally, this turned into a bizaare bird-watching parody with a vintage twist and is exactly what you would expect when asking a MENTAL-piece like myself to blog elsewhere outside of my padded account] Still, it's semi-entertaining [if you find Bill Oddie references and deteriorating mental health humorous] so take a look: - Whilst you're there you should stick around and have a browse at the website - if, like myself [many moons ago] you find yourself with too much time on your hands or at a loose end, it's the place to go to find yourself something to do, be it cooking up a storm or dancing like a madman. []

Finally, as you are all aware, many braved the horrrendous elements on Wednesday to come to the Leeds fair ['crazy folks,' anyone who looked at out of the window would think] That said, whilst i was overheating in my double wool hat-cardigan combo at half past nine and spitting blood over a renegade poster that wouldn't stick to a tree, who could have predicted that we would have 200 people BEFORE 11am and 1700 in total [man, that is off the chain! That is so off the chain that we're not even in the same room anymore, we're practically OUTSIDE! If we had a metal detector on us - a real one, not one from Argos, it wouldn't be beeping - that's how far away from the chain it was!] Anyway, woah. It was lovely to meet some of you and i look forward to seeing you/harassing you into photos in the near future. Additionally, don't forget about the Kilo Fair this Friday from 11am at LSU [1 kilo o' vintage clothes for £15 = $$$$$ - there's a reason i only did GCSE maths] Anyway, let's end on a high with a picture of some happy Leeds shoppers. Aw, what a day.

Over and out for now vintage fans! XVX

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