Monday, 27 September 2010

Watch Out, Judy's About!

Greetings loved ones. Vintage Vulture here. Never one to sit on our hands [questionable idiom here readers but Monday appears to be kryptonite to my word power so, er...just roll with it, m'k?] the Judy team took to the streets of Leeds last week to go meet students old and new. Staking out our space amongst the soviet societies and dominos men, we were there to give freshers a taste of what's to come this Wednesday....vintage heaven! As well as flyering left right and centre, we also got snap-happy, papping all of you new kids for funsies/ to put on our brand spankin' new "Affordable Vintage Gallery" on Facey-B [go to!/pages/Judys-Affordable-Vintage-Gallery/162726083738826 to see if you're mugshots up.] In addition to being plain smug and narcissistic, watch this space for prizes for the most facebook 'likes' [that's right kids, this really is a popularity contest] and so if you were harassed, poked and prodded into a picture at Leeds campus by a greek-like man, a be-cardiganed boy with a buoffant and the spitting image of Paloma Faith, check it out.

In other news, this weekend's fairs in Sheffield/Nottingham were BIG hits [despite cable-tie mishaps and 'the man' trying to stop us putting our posters up. 'We will, we will not be moved!' and so on...] so thank you all for coming/trading/thinking about coming. See, I told you it would be good. Job done. Speak to you soon vintage fans [hopefully when I find my mind.] xvx

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