Sunday, 17 October 2010

The Joy of Ebay

Seen as I've been poorly sick and dying this week with the horrible bug which seems to be sweeping South Yorkshire, I thought I might let you into my world a little bit. Well when I say my world, I mean my imaginary world which I live through ebay! Having been an avid ebayer for many many many years I am a little bit obsessed with searching the listings for no particular reason. Subsequently the list of items I am watching currently stands at 376, none of which I intend bidding on, I just like to see what the go for! From obscure dinner ware patterns (Meakin Poodles, Midwinter Savannah) to fabric designers (Marion Mahler, Lucienne Day) to furniture makers (G plan, Kandya) I just can't stop looking at stuff! So I thought I'd run you through my top 5 watches at the moment in true High fidelity style and in no particular order, here we go!

1 - I love all things 1950s in case you hadn't noticed and I've always fancied one of those darling little wicker handbags so I've been watching this:

with a starting price of £35.00, no bids and postage at less than a fiver you could potentially get this for under £40.00! I love the slightly wrong poodle and the gorgeous handles, what more could you ask for!

2 - To be completely honest, most of my watch items are dresses! So I thought I'd pick a couple. This first one is a Horrockses gem!! It is actually the same print as my pink Horrockses number with the Bolero, but in a different shape. I absolutely adore it! The large pockets at the side just finish it off beautifully:
Interestingly, it was listed last week with a starting price of about £30.00 if i remember rightly and a reserve, it ended with a few bids at £35.00 reserve not met. It was relisted at 99p and no reserve and now it's at £59.54 with a couple of hours to go. If I had the money I would definately splash out on this, if not just because it matches my other!
3 - This dress is an absolute beaut!!! Just look at it!!!
The cut, the print, the pleats! an absolute stunner, but at £100 with 14 bids and more than an hour left, it makes me wish I had the caas to buy all 3 of those 1950s beauties from the Lincoln fair! Sometimes you can find a bargain on ebay, but they are getting rarer and rarer now unfortunately! It used to be that you get get 50s dresses for £15 - 30 on ebay, those days are gone sadly! Luckily the lovely stall holders at Judy's still induldge me!
4 - One thing I don't seem to be able to go a day without searching for is '1950s kitchen', I'm not sure why, you get alsorts! Curtains, kitchen units, clocks! But when I saw this I almost wept:
Oh what I wouldn't give for this!! Anything but the £940 asking price plus the £220 postage from Germany! The listing is beautiful, so many pictures, theres formica on the to and inside the cupboards, the little feet it stands on and the baby blue and yellow colour are enough to tip me over the edge! I do fear I am showing my true colours here but ah wel, if anyones going to get it, surely it's you lot!!
5 - And finally, just to show I'm not a completely self obsessed head case, I do have things on my watch list for others!! For Christmas I want to get my brother an amazing Christmas jumper, I found this beauty:
Looking at the listing I thought, hang on a second, I recognise that man!! It's only the lovely Princes Vintage Mr, of Princes Vintage who frequent Judy's fairs and have slipped into this blog on more than one occasion previously! Also, I want the jumper to match my brothers amazing navy blue with orange lining original 70s parka I got him last year form....yep, you guessed it! Princes! So coincidences aside, I was watching this unawares because it is so 1970s bad family photograph that I think he'd love it! Who knows, I may bid!
Anyways, I feel I've shared something very personal with you today, is a persons ebay watch list as personal as say, their diary? their record collection? I certainly have some guilty pleasures in mine, and I'm sure you do!

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