Sunday, 10 October 2010

Living it up in Lincoln!

Well, last weekend Judy's team rolled into the Engine Shed in the heart of Lincoln University. With glorious sunshine, 40+ traders and over 150 people waiting patiently before we even opened the doors, we knew it was going to be a good one!

The fair was packed with eager vintage hunters scowering for their perfect vintage bargain! I have to admit, of all the fairs, I have a bit of a soft spot for Lincoln, I'm not sure if it's the lovely people or weather we have when we visit (the sun always seems to shine in Lincoln!) but it is always a very pleasant experience!

Keeping the purse strings tied tight (helped by some unknown who swiped my purse the Friday before!) I had to make do with just trying on some of the fabulous stock available. As usual, I was looking for anything with a hint of Mad Men and found this beautiful, royal blue corduroy number. Having fallen for the red one last week at Nottingham, which ended up in the life of the lovley Adele, I couldn't resist trying it on. For some reason Corduroy makes me feel Christmassy, which is never bad, at £30 it was an absolute snip. As I have now fallen in love with Corduroy vintage frocks but don't seem to have the funding, I am going to put the Horrockses project to one side and make myself a corduroy Christmas dress, and blog the results of course! Watch this space!
Second on my Betty Draper mission was this navy blue and gold brocade beauty, again, very Christmassy! The slash neckline, the box pleats, who could ask for more. A complete bargain at £35! Some lucky fair goer will no doubt have snapped it up,
And last but not least, the dress that broke my heart! This absolutely dreamy turquiose satin late 50s early 60s dress almost made me cry when I had to take it off! It fit perfectly, not a mark on it and complete with two little bows on the waist, perfect! And at £45 it was obscenly cheap. However, for me to buy it would have been a bit of a travesty as it would only ever really get worn occasionally on a Sunday for me to do the hoovering in and wishing I went out to fancy places more often! This is definately a dress which deserved to be worn!
With the people rolling in our stall holders were ready with their vintage wares, Kerry (of Kerry Clear) was on hand to sell her handpicked vintage and reworked clothing and Ky (of Razorblade Mermaid) was there offering her fantastic retro hand made charm jewellery, featuring, among other things flamingos, skulls and cherries. Both have facebook groups if you search their company names.

Here are some of our happy shoppers! Busy browsing the stalls!

A couple leaving with bags full:
And last but not least (and what a note to finish on!) who could forget the Tea Party!! As usual there were buns cakes and tea served up on union jack tablecloths by polka dot clad waitresses! The Rocky Road cupcake comes highly recommended!

And there we have it, a busy day at Lincoln! We'll be back soon so if you want keep up to date with our latest Lincoln news, sign up to the mailing list here:



  1. Lincoln has the coolest university/arts vibe. Throw in the gorgeous historic buildings, and you have it. A city worth spending some time in!

  2. love the dresses that you tried on.. my fave was the blue and gold one .. stunning!!
    when are you gong to be back nearer to me.. i think liverpool is one nearest to me!!!

  3. Hiya Charl,
    We haven't announced another date for Liverpool yet but you join the mailing list here:

    and we'll let you know. Alternatively we're in Manchester on October 23rd if thats not too far to go.