Thursday, 30 September 2010

Leeds, Leeds, Leeds and The Vintage Vulture flees the nest ["oohh" - this is a pun, you will see if you read on]

Greetings loved ones [I'm keeping that as my official greeting. Well, technically, that's Snoop Dogg's official greeting. Hmm, I don't want this to turn into a turf war... Ok, i'm going to work on the assumption that this is Snoop Dogg's official greeting ONLY when talking to Katy Perry, which, i imagine, isn't that often.]

Taking a wee vacation away from my regular roost on the Judy website, I was asked by the wunderbar folks at to drop a few pearls and write a guest blog on something vintage [naturally, this turned into a bizaare bird-watching parody with a vintage twist and is exactly what you would expect when asking a MENTAL-piece like myself to blog elsewhere outside of my padded account] Still, it's semi-entertaining [if you find Bill Oddie references and deteriorating mental health humorous] so take a look: - Whilst you're there you should stick around and have a browse at the website - if, like myself [many moons ago] you find yourself with too much time on your hands or at a loose end, it's the place to go to find yourself something to do, be it cooking up a storm or dancing like a madman. []

Finally, as you are all aware, many braved the horrrendous elements on Wednesday to come to the Leeds fair ['crazy folks,' anyone who looked at out of the window would think] That said, whilst i was overheating in my double wool hat-cardigan combo at half past nine and spitting blood over a renegade poster that wouldn't stick to a tree, who could have predicted that we would have 200 people BEFORE 11am and 1700 in total [man, that is off the chain! That is so off the chain that we're not even in the same room anymore, we're practically OUTSIDE! If we had a metal detector on us - a real one, not one from Argos, it wouldn't be beeping - that's how far away from the chain it was!] Anyway, woah. It was lovely to meet some of you and i look forward to seeing you/harassing you into photos in the near future. Additionally, don't forget about the Kilo Fair this Friday from 11am at LSU [1 kilo o' vintage clothes for £15 = $$$$$ - there's a reason i only did GCSE maths] Anyway, let's end on a high with a picture of some happy Leeds shoppers. Aw, what a day.

Over and out for now vintage fans! XVX

Monday, 27 September 2010

Watch Out, Judy's About!

Greetings loved ones. Vintage Vulture here. Never one to sit on our hands [questionable idiom here readers but Monday appears to be kryptonite to my word power so, er...just roll with it, m'k?] the Judy team took to the streets of Leeds last week to go meet students old and new. Staking out our space amongst the soviet societies and dominos men, we were there to give freshers a taste of what's to come this Wednesday....vintage heaven! As well as flyering left right and centre, we also got snap-happy, papping all of you new kids for funsies/ to put on our brand spankin' new "Affordable Vintage Gallery" on Facey-B [go to!/pages/Judys-Affordable-Vintage-Gallery/162726083738826 to see if you're mugshots up.] In addition to being plain smug and narcissistic, watch this space for prizes for the most facebook 'likes' [that's right kids, this really is a popularity contest] and so if you were harassed, poked and prodded into a picture at Leeds campus by a greek-like man, a be-cardiganed boy with a buoffant and the spitting image of Paloma Faith, check it out.

In other news, this weekend's fairs in Sheffield/Nottingham were BIG hits [despite cable-tie mishaps and 'the man' trying to stop us putting our posters up. 'We will, we will not be moved!' and so on...] so thank you all for coming/trading/thinking about coming. See, I told you it would be good. Job done. Speak to you soon vintage fans [hopefully when I find my mind.] xvx

Sunday, 26 September 2010

What a Weekend!

What a Weekend eh? All of you lovely people that joined us in Sheffield and Nottingham will surely agree! I was beginning to think I was getting a bit blase about Vintage Fairs, having been to so many. So much so I planned an entirely different blog this week. However, predictably, the fairs were so good I just could not not blog them!

So we had Sheffield first on Saturday, and being my Vintage Hometown (actual home town Barnsley, but sadly Judy's doesn't visit there!)I always expect a lot - and my goodness I wasn't disapointed. The whole of the ground floor of the Workstation was taken over with not just any ordinary vintage treats, but those of the highest quality. There literally was something for everyone, stalls with woolly winter jumpers (with Reindeer's and cats!! Cheers Princes Vintage!), spectacular 40s and 50s dresses, haberdashery stalls selling fabric and trims, make your own jewellery, costume jewellery, the fantastic talents of Kelly Ewing and my goodness I could go on...... There was also the Marvelous Tea Dance ladies serving beautiful home made soups cakes and crumpets. All price ranges were catered for, below you can see Vintage People treating us to a fill a bag for a tenner stall. Yep you read that correctly, FILL A BAG for £10!!!!!

As well as other stalls which had things on offer for those of you that perhaps had a bit more cash to splash, offering the highest quality rare items at still very affordable prices.

Now, I am poor as a church mouse at the moment so planned to spend nothing, however I am very easily swayed, especially when it comes to a certain era. I am in love with the 50s so I fell head over heals for the wonderful Tick Tock Frocks (what a name!) stall run by the lovely Liz. She had mountains of original curtains, tablecloths and aprons from the 40s onwards and as well as that, a gorgeous selection of clothes. Still slightly peeved I didn't buy the Fair isle cardigan at a super bargainous £15, bu you snooze you loose! The other Sara (no not the blond one, the other one!) got these amazing original 1950s curtains as bright as the day they were printed, now proudly on display in her kitchen. They cost an outrageous £10 for the pair, which if anyone knows about trying to get hold of a pair of original 1950s curtains in a print like this will know, is unbelievable!

I was also a very happy lady having browsed at Liz's stall early enough I managed to pick up a huge piece fabric in this iconic 50s print by W. Hertzberger for £8. It was designed in 1954 for the British company Turnbull and Stockdale and is most commonly seen in the red and yellow colourway. This yellow and turquoise piece will look amazing stretched over a frame and in my kitchen! I also found these super kitsch curtains for £10 for the pair!

Needless to say I was happy with those! I don't know what on Earth I had done on Saturday to warrant such good karma but I also managed to find this original, 1950s hand painted Mexican full circle skirt. Complete with original label and everything! I was over the moon, especially seen as it cost me a ridiculous £3! These are rarely seen in the UK (have a search on never mind for under £50. I decided to channel Juliette Binoche in Chocolat for the Fair in Nottingham on Sunday and team it with a bright cardigan!

Now having splashed out a cool £18 in Sheffield I was determined to have a will of steal on Sunday at Nottingham. my goodness it was hard! Two floors of beautiful vintage goodies ad I really had to hold my purse tight!

I did find this (above) absolutely gorgeous original 1950s corduroy red with gold sparkles full circle dress from Second Hand Rose! It was a real bargain at £45 as dresses like this really do not appear often, but still too rich for my blood. Luckily I found it a good home in the shape of Tallulah Vintage's Adele! Very jealous, but I know its going to a good home! It was the perfect Christmas dress!

I kept myself busy by just admiring other peoples vintage, this was one of our stylish shoppers Rebecca who looked so amazing! Her styling was perfect right down to the hair and make up! Lovely lady too so nice to meet you Rebecca, hope to see you at the fairs again soon!
As well as this there was the amazing Lindsay from The Vintage Salon. Unfortunately my camera is not at it's best so I don't have images of the lovely Hair do's she did (if you are one of her lucky customers please send us a pic!) but you can have a look at her website here for information:
So all in all, a bloody good weekend! Now for a rest! Oh hang on, back to work ... and hopefully see you at Lincoln and Leicester next week!

Friday, 24 September 2010

Philosophical Fridays with the Vintage Vulture

Hello vintage fans. Amongst all the frantic typing, flyer-dispensing and flour in hair going down at Judy HQ, I thought that i'd take a moment to digress from bigging-up this weekend's fairs [their going to be excellent, duh!] to tell you a little tale about a squid, a whale and Calvin Klein [Jude and Sam over at Vintage HQ, I assure you that i haven't lost the plot and I am not in need of a speedy sectioning for hallucinating about sea-creatures in designer gear whilst running around my lounge in a scuba mask - my story is relevant. To a degree.]

Having the rather bourgeois privelege of a projector in my house, me and three others settled down on Wednesday to watch Wes Anderson-produced and Baumbach-created 'The Squid and The Whale' ['there's two out of the three,' i hear you murmuring, 'but where on EARTH does Calvin Klein fit in?' Be patient dear reader and follow me further down the rabbit hole for all will be revealed...] A fan of all things maritime, [I own many a stripy vest and once got so over-excited in Barcelona Aquarium that a grazed knee in a kids submarine lead to blood all over the floor and the mother of all carpet burns] I was intrigued as to what 'The Squid and the Whale' would bring; was i to expect the lip-biting scenes and Bowie-acapella of 'The Life Aquatic' or was this to be more all-out war with horrific graphics a la 'Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus' [a stickler for fact, upon seeing this film i turned to my FiloFax to confirm that no shark, no matter what size, could rocket from the sea and bite a plane into pieces. Not even Jaws on steroids could defy gravity to this degree.] I digress, but as the film unfolded serenaded by Lou Reed and Bert Jansch, I soon learnt that it was none of the above.

Brooklyn based and set in the eighties, the film depicted a view through threaded fingers of one seemingly average family's closet and the skeletons within. Not veering to extremes [rest assured, there were no ACTUAL skeletons in the closet] the feuding foursome depicted all the typical Freudian pitfalls families face - disappointment, boredom, an inability to communicate, the difficulties of divorce and the fall from grace of those we idolise. Although dark in places, the films mantra was sunnier than expected, culminating in being able to see ourselves for who we are in all of our flawed brilliance, of taking the skeleton by the hand and asking it to dance. Bizaarely enough, as the credits rolled on to 'Street Hassle' by Lou Reed, i got to thinking about fashion [just like a shark, i too tend to move in circles and so it wouldn't be long before i alighted at the fash-stop - the film's setting in 1986 New York and Jeff Daniel's mighty beard alone were enough to get the couture-cogs a-turnin']

Like many other vintage fans, I have a certain flair for the eccentric and the occasionally horrific - Disney paraphenalia that doesn't fit properly, double denim [although that was de rigeur for a time] shirts in ridiculous prints. Heck, i even bought a hawaiian shirt over Summer without even a HINT of irony. As a vintage fan, there comes a certain frisson of excitement in knowing that you are going against the grain when wearing certain outfits, on the perpheries of what the glossies and some fashion fans find acceptable. It adds a fire underfoot, a spring in your step [even if it does mean avoiding certain reflective surfaces to see what a state you're in] Dismissing a trend or ignoring the highstreet goes hand in hand with a relief that writer and all-round Academic Jeff Daniels higlights in the film - of not having to "read all the worst books by the best writers." 1 - 0 to the vintage fans.

That said, all-round wise guy and intellectual Jeff Daniels, it turns out, hasn't actually read any of the books he is so opinionated about. Perhaps it was this sentiment that lead me to thinking of fashion; in an industry that is so incredibly fickle yet prides itself so much on having a hierarchy of thumbs up and faux pas, why do we have so much faith? Don't get me wrong, dear readers, i'm not telling you to disband from your various scenes and subcultures. I, too, without my hairbrush and brogues would be wherefore-art-though-romeo-ing from my tower. For many of us, to belong is to be and that's what makes fashion as lucrative as it is today. My point is, read what you want, wear what you want. For example, i have a dark green snoopy jumper [sure to be a guest-star in upcoming posts so keep the eyes peeled] depicting the little critter saying 'I'm having a very bad hair day.' The reason i bought this, dear readers, is not because it was deliciously indie [well, maybe a tad but such is the follie of youth] nor because it was 'ironic' [although neater now, my hair has been compared to a birds nest, a pinecone, and a drawing by a small child with eyes closed.] I bought it because i liked it and thought, why not?

Perhaps this post was prompted by going out into the field and meeting all the freshers [lovely people by the by. I was way more obnoxious!] In these next few weeks as friendships are formed, loans are depleted and scenes are set, just remember, buy what you want. And, in the eventuality that you find yourself decked out in batwings, eyeliner, PVC and an ungodly amount of glitter and you look back on it in a year's time as a serious and seasoned sophomore, remember to crack a smile. Fashion is funny and at least you gave it a go! To bring in my tedious link of the week, creative director for Calvin Klein, Francisco Costa explained his minimal womenswear collection at NY Fashion Week as "a canvas for the women that wear them and not the other way round." Although not the most complex or the most flattering, the pieces succeded in their mission to let their wearer radiate [some sandals even had translucent heels, making the women literally elevate like they were walking on air.]

For all those intrigued by this article, come on down to the Fairs this week in Sheffield, Notts and Leeds as you never know when inspiration may strike. For the rest of you, i've included a link to the Lou Reed ditty from the film as a soundtrack to the weekend....

Right, it's Friday. Let's go lose these brain cells. Cultural vintage vulture out. xvx

Nottingham Vintage Fair

Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair will be pitching up in The Art Organisation Nottingham this Sunday to bring you 2 floors of vintage and hand made treats. 2 lovely, large floors of clothes and accessories to keep you warm this winter..

Sunday 26th September
The Art Organisation, 21 Station Street, Nottingham, NG2 3AJ
Opening hours: 12:00 – 17:00

Ground floor stalls

Accessories and sewing patterns upstairs

Sale dresses from £5 by Retro Rehab

Cute vintage kidswear by Princes Vintage

See you Sunday..xx

Sheffield Vintage Fair

Saturday 25th September 2010
The Workstation - 7 Paternoster Row Sheffield S1 2BX
Opening hours: 10am-4pm

Here's just a teeny, tiny selection of some of the amazing stock that will be gracing our fair this Saturday at The Workstation Sheffield. Sheffield's largest and longest running vintage fair is back and it will be packed full of your favourite items from the 40s - 80s plus hand made and recycled..

Unique recycled jewellery by Vintage Reclaimed

Dapper Menswear by Princes Vintage

Country casuals for the girls by Princes Vintage

Westwood-esk hand made clothing by Kelly Ewing

Up-cycled Vintage dresses by Kathleen and Lilies


Sunday, 19 September 2010

The Joy of Knitting

It's no secret that I love knitting and any type of knitwear so seen as September is slowly but surely slipping away and the nights are drawing in, I thought I'd start preparing for winter early by getting out the woollies. Plus, it will be Christmas sooner than you think and there's nothing more vintage than a hand knitted gift!

I started many moons ago when my Nan taught me as a child but through my teenage years I sort of forgot about it. When I was at University a friend of mine was a constantly crocheting which prompted me to get back into it. Since then, I've hardly had a pair of needles out of my hand and find it incredibly relaxing!! With obviously an excellent by product! Knitting for the vintage lover is an excellent way of recreating something authentic, but just the way you want it. I have many many vintage and none vintage patterns, the image above is the shelf where all my precious patterns are. The folders on the far right are full of patterns my Nan has collected over the years, and whenever I look through them I always manage to find one which my Nan knitted for me! Most notably, the legendary My Little Pony jumper which I cried over when I was too big for and my Mum wouldn't let me wear it any more!

I came across the book on the right and instantly fell in love, it has patterns from the 30s and 40s but remade in yarn available today. I have a couple of books from the 80s which do a similar thing, unfortunately they seem to have altered the fit on them. However, this book is very faithful to the original designs and also reproduces the patterns in their original form as as well as their updated versions. Interestingly, the book itself is not so much a reprint but a remake of a book published in the 70s (pictured next to it). The new book is called 'A Stitch in time' Volume 1, indicating there will be another, can't wait!

I also love vintage pattern books, the four pictured on the right were published in the 40s, all by the same author and contain patterns for all the family. The thing I really love about these book is at the back there is a section about how to recycle old knitwear, whether it's removing sleeves, piecing some back together or just unravelling it, I find it fascinating!

I also seemed to have amassed a collection of old knitting magazines which are a constant source of inspiration and amusement. the 'Pins and Needles' ones have a section 'for the husband' in the back which generally contain instructions on how to build many numerous types of furniture, my favourite being a bedhead out of picture frames!

My current projects are this jumper which I have almost finished sewing up, just to add the black trim and the bows.

And this blackberry stitch cardigan which I have only just started. Both patterns are from the 'A Stitch in Time' book which makes them really easy as generally in vintage patterns you can come across mistakes, misprints and even sections just missing!

After I've finished I'm going to start on one of these beauties, the knatty knits book is pure joy in print form. It cost me a whopping 25p from a charity shop and has the most brilliantly 80s patterns in it.

The picture knits was from a lovely lady at the Vintage at Goodwood Festival and has filled me with inspiration! My brother has requested a snowflake jumper for Christmas so I shall begin working on that.

Here are 3 of my favourite past projects. I've had a fair few knitting disasters including knitting a jumper with Aaron wool, not following the pattern properly and making the sleeves longer. Because the wool was Aaron the sleeves ended up so long it could have been a straight jacket!

The orange cardy is my favourite, knitted from a 1940s pattern in bright orange cotton it washes beautifully and has green strawberry shaped buttons! The green jumper with the coloured squares is a teenage pattern from the 50s and the grape stitch pale green jumper is another 1940s one. This one is really delicate as I knitted it from vintage Jaeger angora spun, 12 balls from a charity shop for £6!

Remember you don't just have to knit clothing, my friend moved to China so I knitted her a miniature Andy Warhol to keep her company!

If you really want to learn how to knit, there are some fantastic tutorials on you tube which you can follow step by step.

If you love knitwear but not so much the knitting, don't worry! You can always find some fantastic knitwear at the Vintage Fairs, Charity shops, Vintage shops and online. Here are 5 of my favourite knitted treasures that weren't made by me! The the first and the forth were from the fantastic Glass Onion Vintage who usually stand at Judy's fairs. The third and the last were from a charity shop (featured in another blog a while ago!) and the green cat jumper was from the lovely folk at Princes Vintage who stand at Judy's fairs but also have an excellent ebay shop:
And if you're desperate for something hand knitted but really not the crafty type, there are a few knitting up services around. I found Cissies which is a bespoke service. They have patterns or you can send them one. The lady is very friendly and keen to provide a good service:
Obviously this service isn't cheap and garments will cost upwards of £120, but that includes the yarn and the knitters time (which will be a lot!) and you will get something which is made specifically for you and will last a life time if looked after properly. So perhaps instead of knitting for Christmas, you could add this to your list for Father Christmas!

And finally, the cats are usually a pain in the backside when trying to photograph anything, but knitting and wool tends to send them a bit wild. Here are just a couple of the fine messes they got into during the making of this blog!

Friday, 17 September 2010

Scotland and Liverpool here we come...

Just a quickie before we jump in the horse and carriage and head up the A1 to bonny Scotland! In case you haven't noticed the Judy's team will be on the road from now until Christmas with our super special vintage fair packed full of bargains!

If you fancy popping by to say hello here's where we'll be:

Saturday 18th September 2010
Liverpool John Moores Student Union, Maryland Street, Liverpool, L1 9DE
Opening hours: 11:00 – 16:00
£2.00 Entry / £1.00 NUS/OAP
Under 12’s go free

Saturday 18th September 2010
The Parish Church of St Andrew and St George, 13 George Street, Edinburgh, EH2 2PA
Opening hours: 11:00am – 4:00pm
£2.00 Entry / £1.00 NUS/OAP
Under 12’s go free

Sunday 19th September 2010
Queen Margaret Union, 22 University Gardens, Glasgow, G12 8QN
Opening hours: 12pm – 5pm
£2.00 Entry / £1.00 NUS/OAP
Under 12’s go free

Monday, 13 September 2010

Hurray for Horrockses!

As a lover of all things 1950s I have long been a fan of the Horrockses dress. With Mad Men back on our screens and an exhibition at the London Fashion and Textile Museum I thought it might be nice to have a look at one of my favourite dressmakers and show off a few of my favourite frocks.

Horrockses were initially famous for their crisp cotton sheets but in the late 40s and 50s, when clothing rationing was over, they celebrated the 'New Look' shape by making the most beautiful of dresses. They were immaculately made, but what makes them really stand out are the quirky prints an quality cotton they're made of. They were expensive in their day, worn by the Queen and with fabric prints designed by famous Artists such as Eduardo Paolozzi.

I have over the years amassed a few Horrockses, a couple by accident before I really knew what they were and a couple were pure luck on ebay! As time goes by they get rarer and so prices get higher, but if you see one at a bargain price, I would snap it up as I don't think I'll be adding any more to my collection now!

On the right are my dresses all together, the prints are so beautiful and the colours are as bright as the day they were printed.

This brown one was my first Horrockses dress and was a bargain at £20. I can't remember how long I've had it but I really can't remember not having it. The cotton is so soft on this one you can tell it has been worn a lot, but the print and the shape still stay. It has it's own fabric covered belt and I love the tie at the neckline.

This was my second Horrockses purchase and was a bargain as it needed some TLC. The back seem had come apart and there was a big stain on the back. However after I carefully stitched it together and soaked the cotton to remove the stain, it's almost back to it's former glory. The thing I love about this dress is the cut of the bodice, the sleeves have almost a jetsons like cut! I also love the very tiny pleats, they take forever to iron!

This pink dress I bought unsure whether I would wear it or not as I am not much of a pink person, but the print and the bolero are just too cute! I didn't realise it was Horrockses initially as there isn't a tag in the dress, just the bolero. Which means there are probably a wealth of anonymous Horrockses dresses out there!

This blue one was a bit of a find, I don't think it has ever been worn or washed as the cotton is so stiff. The print is so 50s I love it and with the unusual dropped waist it makes it more than just another shirtwaister.

And now for my absolute most favourite dress ever! My lovely orange one! I bought this before the summer and it was a bit of a bargain. I could just imagine Betty Draper wearing this to a garden party! I wore it at Vintage at Goodwood and never felt so 1950s! When looking online I also found this particular dress is actually in the V & A's collection:

There have been a few on ebay lately but if you wanted to get your hands on one, you would be best looking in vintage shops and antiques centres. I found a beautiful pink stripped dress, similar in cut to my blue jetsons-esque one in an antiques centre recently for the bargain price of £40. If I'd had the cash I would have bought it as on ebay now you're looking between £50 - £100 which is way above my budget!

Alternatively if you want to splash out the V & A are remaking a dress they have in their collection which was on display for the Golden Age of Couture exhibition a couple of years ago, it's £95 but the print is beautiful:

If you are the frugal kind however the lovely folkes at the V & A have actually put the pattern on the website for you to download and print off at home! You can download the pattern and instructions for free from here:

Print it out and make your own. All you need is the perfect print! I have downloaded it and stuck it together, just need to get round to cutting it out and making it up. I have some lovely red and white sailboat print fabric which I am planning to use. The cats obviously wanted to help sticking the pattern together but not sure they were any use!

If you have fallen in love with the wonders of the Horrockses dress the exhibition runs until October 24th and details can be found on the London Fashion and Textiles Museum Website:

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Acceptable in the Eighties?

Avast vintage fans! The Vintage Vulture here. With the nation a-quiver over the exploits of Woody, Lol and the gang in ‘This is England ’86,’ Team Judy has established a New Romance with that wonderful decade and wants to know what YOU, dear readers, associate with the eighties. If the other night’s cropped cuts, crombies, prom dresses and Doc Martens weren’t enough to warrant a merry jaunt down memory lane, cast a glance at pictures from a 'Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair’ veteran, Preserved Vintage (

Established with love by Liverpool-based ladies Lucy and Emily in 2005 and present at the scouse fair on September 18th, the ladies will be on hand to assure that your eighties couture remains a little more belle than Babycham and batwings. As we countdown the days, we want YOU to do a Bueller, jump on the float and sing, sing, sing about your favourite eighties threads and memories below.

Trading at the Liverpool John Moores Student Union, the Preserved Vintage team can be found alongside heaps of other traders, up to their eyeballs in gorgeous clobber from the seventies, eighties and then some. Shake a leg and come on down as, in the words of young Ferris, “life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

RIGHTEOUS regards,

Judy, Sam, Sarah and Kieran - Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair team

Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair
Saturday 18th September 2010
Liverpool John Moores Student Union, Maryland Street, Liverpool, L1 9DE
Opening Hours: 11:00 - 16:00
Set Up Begins: 9:00am

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Thrilling, new Mad Men Competition!

Hola vintage fans!

So, here's a question for all you eagle eyed vintage vultures out there: Which popular show set in the 60s is back on our screens today? Well, for those of you who haven't been hiding under a bush for the past few years will know it's our very favourite programme of all time; Mad Men! What's not to love about this show? The outfits, Betty Drapers dark character and Don's string of lovers keeps us gripped each week. Well, I don't know about you but I have to watch each episode twice, maybe three times just to take in the outfits and especially those cool 60s interiors - its mid-century porn for us non 1960s Madison Avenue workers.

Well, you may be watching the new series, totally hooked from day 1 or you may have decided to wait until it comes out on DVD to get the full on Mad Men action in one go. Either way we have a corker of a competition for you this September. We will be giving away the complete box set of series 1/2/3. That's 39 episodes of pure Mad Men heaven... Yum!

So, we want you to get creative with this one, just send us an email at telling us who your favourite character is and why by the 23rd September and we'll place you into our prize draw. Winners will be notified by the 27th September and the winner will not only receive the box set but also be featured in our style blog. Huzzah!

Don't delay, get writing and get ready for series 4. You'd be a NUTTER not to!

Vintage love Judy, Sam, Sarah and Kieran - Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair team