Tuesday, 15 February 2011

All the fun of the Fair - Nottingham

Greetings loved ones!

Take a seat - let's talk business. As any enterprise worth it's salt would, we at Judy's are masochistic enough to put our claims of being 'the largest and leading vintage fair in the whole gosh-darned UK' to the test. This week, we slot Nottingham's Affordable Vintage Fair under the microscope as the up-and-coming blog-boffins at fashionregency.com put us to the test. Move over Mary Portas, you aint got nothin' on this...

'It’s 12.03pm. We’re weaving our way through the already thickening crowds to grab the brilliant bargains before anyone else grabs them [and we thought we were early!]

First stop, Trilbies and Tassels where Lottie Sissons sold Jessica a gorgeous black beaded top that she has probably worn about seven times since, today being the eighth [it’s really quite ridiculous]

We love Vintage Reclaimed which is a returning fixture and no wonder; everyone goes crazy for their bespoke jewellery. Abi was hunting through the assortment of chains whilst Jessica bought a clock mechanism, soon to be smashed up and made into a stunning piece of jewellery. One thing we love about the fairs is that there was always the option to buy the separate pieces and have a go yourself.

Jessica had a bit of a chat with Adele at Tullula and interestingly found that she makes her own clothes. We both love her unique style of re-working leather, her stock coming from newspaper ads and warehouses. Abi was definitely impressed to hear that Pearl Lowe once wore one of her Tullalah dresses, and we expect many more fashionistas to be pining over her styles in the near future! We can't wait to see what is in store from her next.

We also spotted Nick Reed’s glorious Cartoons and Film Posters; we have managed to track his website down, even though it is under construction at the moment, keep on checking because you wouldnt want to miss one of his amazing designs:http://www.nickreed-gradely.co.uk/

Princes Vintage has a really useful 10% discount card that we picked up at the stall and will be using at some point or another - Abi has a thing for jumpers and Jessica had to practically drag her away from all the lovely goodies to be found here, we loved the prices!

All in all, as expected, we had a fabulous time at Judy's Affordable Vintage Far and we'll definitely attend whenever they plan to delight us with another visit to Nottingham. The Affordable Vintage Fair seems to cater for any taste and there are always treasures to be found! Abi had a wonderful time searching for shirts (which she seems to be addicted to) and ended up with three beautiful shirts which came to a total cost of £12! You wouldn't be able to buy a quarter of a shirt for that in Topshop! Jessica treated herself to a lovely little bag as well. All in all, Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair isn't one to miss!

This was our second visit to Nottingham’s Affordable Vintage Fair and neither time have we been disappointed. Fashionregency wholeheartedly urge you to go stop what you’re doing, fire-up the computer and have a look and see where they are next - maybe we’ll see you there!'

-Abi Colgan & Jessica Gaten, fashionregency.blogspot.com

There we have it folks - straight from the horses' mouth. We hope those of you in Oxford, Cardiff and London are super-psyched for our upcoming fairs - they really are treasuretroves. Testament to the fact that vintage aint goin' nowhere [finger click? too much? ok] check out this titbit from Marc Jacobs during New York Fashion Week...

Proof? Pudding? Get investing!


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  1. Cant wait to attend my first Fair on Sunday at St Andrews. I too have a passion for fashion and a love for clothes..so much so that i have studied fashion for over a decade now and recently set up as a sole trader in the sustainable clothing market. I Create garments from used/nearly new clothing and make bespoke custom alterations and manipulations. ....Sustainable clothing/Waste Couture!....i have adapted the 'Make Do And Mend' motion that was in place in the 1940's era, by recreate and raising awareness of this movement giving it a revamp with a rebellious/edgy twist.
    Although very keen on having a good rummage on Sunday, i will also be in work mode, networking/marketing....so be warned..lol.:-)

    Kind Regards