Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Durham's Affordable Vintage Fair - So chic, So cheap

Greetings loved ones,

Stepping down from my usual retro soapbox, we've enlisted young fashion enthusiast and Durham modern languages student Owen Smith to give you the skinny on our North-Eastern fairs. Whippersnapper, awaaaay.....

'So, you can’t afford Topshop. You don’t want to be that mainstream anyway. You’re sick of seeing that guy in the cardigan you’ve got to, that girl in the dress you wore
last week. You want something unique, something special, something timeless. It can’t break the bank, but you don’t want to have to compromise on style either. But where do you go to find that quirky kitten heel, or those burgundy brogues you've always wanted? To Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair, that’s where. Now the largest in the country, it's success is no accident.'

'So, how best to capture the Judy's experience? It’s a travelling treasure trove packed full of gems like the stunning 1950s dresses that have made such a strong return on the catwalk this year. Kitten heels too are making a somewhat controversial comeback, spurred on by the same vintage trend. We spied a few quirky pairs nestled amongst statement pendants, cat eye sunglasses, beautiful cameo rings, edgy biker jackets and rich faux furs, all of which will also be cropping up on the catwalks of 2011. Take heed vintage fans and head down to Judy’s for Spring/Summer chic without the Galliano price tag.'

'Men’s must haves for 2011 are
set to include retro fob watches, slick bowler hats, sheer fabrics and subtle florals, again showing an interesting fashion shift in the vintage direction. Why not purchase these items at the fair at just a fraction of the price of their (infinitely less interesting) high street equivalents? Now you can be absolutely sure you won’t see someone else wearing your statement piece, a piece with history, a piece with a past. So think cheap. Think chic. Think vintage. Get yourself down to the next of Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fairs. And don’t forget - vintage never gets old'

Spoken like a true, vintage troubadour - with such sage advice, it's evident that fashion-speak is the mother tongue of our man in the field. When it gets to that point on a Saturday afternoon where the hectic queues in H&M and the bright lights of Zara make you want to barf, Judy's is here. An antidote to fast fashion and an afternoon well spent, those of you in Derby and Leicester should come down and pick-a-pocket[watch] or two this weekend. For more food for thought, check out some of Owen's snaps below...


S'later vintage fans!



  1. ahem, lingua franca actually means "common language", not foreign language ;)

    xx Charlotte
    Tuppence Ha'penny Vintage

  2. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I wish I could come to you, but living in Spain that is a bit difficult. Would you sell on line????

  3. I'm coming to see you exactly two weeks today in London, cannot wait!

    N. xox

  4. Haha Charlotte, i've been caught with more egg on my face than Prescott circa 2008 - you are indeed correct! I hope you will excuse this one-time offence and find my amendment to your liking. In the meantime, perhaps i'll invest in an editor before I start hurling around more misappropriated double-word-score phrases until we're left with a blog as confusing as if written in esperanto. Maybe i'll just get some sleep. x