Thursday, 17 February 2011

Diamonds are forever, Vintage is for life

Greetings loved ones,

Now, as you probably know, we're on the cusp of launching our first new city of 2011 this weekend: Cardiff. Safe to say, we're a teeny bit psyched - like a modern-day Columbus, we stand on the deck of the Good Ship Vintage, scouting for dapper new natives to encounter. As jittery as the eve before Christmas [or Christmas Eve as it's more conventionally known - jeez, just roll with it!]we hope anyone attending this weekend gets a tiny rush of excitement when they think about what's in store. Like a warm glass of milk ['where is he going with this?' you may say, rolling your eyes. Well roll them back my way and, in the words of Miranda, 'bare with...'] we wanted to give you a little something to ease those jitters as we count down to Cardiff, a little reassurance that we're well worth a visit...

If i'm not mistaken, that infamous Cardiff-born monolith Miss Bassey said that 'Diamonds are Forever' and we here at Judy's are partial to a bit of sparkle. Check out some of our favourite craftsmen trading this weekend...

Tiny bridges, scrabble pieces, pocket watches- the lot. If that's not enough to delight your inner magpie, we don't know what will. Menfolk - don't be put off by all that shimmer and shine. If your doting girlfriend, wife or persistent housemate insists that you come to the fair, just roll with it. Looking at our specialist menswear traders, you're in for a bit of a treat [check out for a flavour] Get clearing those wardrobes folks - the English are coming.

See you at the weekend!


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  1. I'd love to be in the UK so I could meet this great stuff!
    Greets from Argentina!