Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Joan on the Road!

Greetings loved ones,

We hope you are all well and PUMPED for Bethnal Green this weekend - it's going to be a biggy. Today, we here at Judy HQ have some simply joyous news to share with you but first, we must tell you a tale...

At the beginning of the year, all at Judy HQ noticed a certain je ne sais quoi missing from the office. No matter how hard we tried to soldier on, filling the void with soups and jokes and post-it notes [ahem..Sam] something wasn't quite right. Yes dear readers, like the velvet-clad 60s-hero Austin Powers, we'd lost our 'mojo.' Bloated, big-haired and sallow-skinned from a Christmas of excess, we just weren't GLAMOROUS any more!

With knitted brows, we gathered around the PC for a bit of an emergency mother's meeting. 'What to do?' posed Judy, looking to boost morale. 'Well, how about animal-shaped post-it notes? Or a new set of gel-pens, the smelly ones?' riposted Collins, bookings and facilities manager. Batting the request away with a look that said 'we're not in Year 6, Sam' both fair manager Britton and myself were stumped. Firing up the modem, we turned to the only place modern man [and woman] goes to instantaneously make themselves feel better...the internet. Loading up Amazon [whilst furiously looking away from our reflections on screen] we whizzed through to the checkout. In 7 - 10 days, happiness arrived. ladies and gentlemen, meet JOAN!

Red-haired muse of Madmen and undisputed queen of Mad Ave, Joan waltzed into Judy HQ and into our lives for good! When shes's not clutching her couture bag [Judy's in the process of writing to Emma Hill at Mulberry to fashion a tiny bag for our first lady - the jury is out on that one] or smoking tiny cigarettes [which I intend to create on Friday - ideas welcome!] then Joan is going to be our resident Cool Hunter, snapping away at your outfits and best bits in every city we visit. Debuting at Bethnal Green this weekend, she's already got quite the eye - check out these cool cats that she's found in the 2011 archives...

As you can see, Judy's attracts a fair selection of bobbydazzlers. Keep your eyes on the blog each work for Joan's selection of the cool kids in our new feature, 'Joan on the Road' and make sure to 'fix up, look sharp' when you're perusing! Joan, welcome on board and we wish you the best of luck!

Life in plastic, it's fantastic.

VV out x


  1. ahhh Joan, I am fashioning her a conical bra as I type. She's a new welcome member to the team!

  2. I want a Joan... or i want to be joan!