Tuesday, 8 March 2011

A Birds-Eye View with Vintage Vulture

Greetings loved ones! As you can see, we here at the Style Blog have undergone a bit of a metamorphosis! Gone are the standard fonts and titles that now seem so inferior and out of our spring cocoon, comes shiny new headers plastering your page! On three dear readers, 1, 2, 3..."oohhhh, ahhhh!" Broken down into weekly segments, the Style blog brings to you our new regular features - Fair Manager Sarah Britton hunting through each weekly event to showcase her favourite finds in the aptly named 'Britton's got Talent'[Mega-LOL!], cool-hunting with our favourite plastic-paparazzo Joan in 'Joan on the Road,' wisdom, pearls and personal tales in 'Traders Top Tips' alongside regular guest reviews in 'All the Fun of the Fair.' Sheesh - a lot to take in huh? Without further ado, i come to my own section, a veritable look-down from the crows nest of the Good Ship Vintage on what's to come this week and what's got us spitting feathers. In true Paddy fashion, let the bird see the worm!

Up first, a wee word about Scotland last weekend. Edinburgh - hello! - over 1000 of you pouring through the door on Saturday! We've had words from you and our traders who were literally gushing like a vintage Vesuvius [eurgh - graphic!] over what a good show it was! Thanks a bunch! Add to this our debut up at St Andrews, we're talking over 2000 Scottish vintage fans in a weekender. Loco! For a blow by blow account, check out the wonderful account by Tribe journalist and fash/tourism writer Rosie Steer - http://everythinglooksrosie.wordpress.com/. Here's a little somethin' somethin' she picked up at the fair...

PRETTY tempting for all of you coming to Cambridge and nouveau fair, Southampton this weekend huh? With 1500 confirmed to come to Cambridge, we're a bit worried that we might have to crack out the hi-vis vests [S/S 11s must-have accessory!] Still, with items such as this lovely floral number up for grabs by Memoir Vintage [and only £20!] we'll see you in the queue....

Moving away from filling up wardrobes to, er, the objects themselves, images are coming in thick and fast for London's Vintage Furniture Flea on Sunday March 27th. Not really one for furnishings myself [often if i can't wear it, i don't want it] i was surprised to find myself salivating over these ridiculous vintage alarm clocks at a mere £15 per ticker [courtesy of Jane and Nick Reed]. We here at Judy HQ are still pondering the map thinking of where to take the flea next - if you're gagging for G-plan and think your city needs a Flea, give us a shout below.

Finally, something a little off the vintage topic but still within the vintage-inspired fashion field [VIFF for short - if we were a ven diagram, we'd definitely be overlapping] Like him or lump him, former Dior man John Galliano has ruffled more Parisian feathers than the dancers of the Moulin Rouge in an evening's work. Whatever your opinion of 'Galliano gate' [i'm keeping schtum on this one] one cannot help but admire his unwillingly final collection for Dior A/W. Here are two of my faves...

Perhaps it was the grimaces and the striking make-up of the models [maybe it's just the fur] but there was certainly an air if infamy to his collection. His women putting me in mind of Bond villains, of femmes fatales, of the spectral Nicole Kidman as Mrs Coulter, the manipulative matriarch who haunts the dreams of any child reading Pullman's Northern Lights series, a sense of villainy in his collection seemed to exist before it all kicked off. Whatever you make of the debaucle, the collection does what every good antagonist does - get's you talking. Perhaps we'll see a lot more fair-goers channelling their inner-villains come Autumn!

That's all for this week folks - keep your eyes peeled for our new features and a little blogpost about our first vintage field trip to the uk's biggest wholesaler, Glass Onion [more on that tomorrow!]

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