Wednesday, 16 March 2011

A Birds-Eye View with Vintage Vulture

Greetings loved ones,

It's that time of the week again to give you our retro overview of all things old-world.

First up, a wee word about last weekend's fairs - Cambridge and Southampton. Our first Cambridge fair of 2011, we were super-psyched to head to the Guild Hall for a bit of a jolly. Alas, there really is no rest for the wicked as a whopping 2000 of you wandered in throughout the day [i say wandered, read: crowd-surfed] for a gander [if you were there, do comment below - we love looking at other people's goodies!] Add to this our debut fair in Southampton on Sunday, [once again, incessant] and there we have the formula to a winning weekend! Everyone's favourite plastic paparazzo will be going into it tomorrow but lordy folks, weren't you stylish! Here's my favourite outfit from the Guild Hall...

Statement tights, florals and everyone's fave mute mongrel on a tee- winner!

Here at Judy HQ, there's an air of excitement; not only are we returning to the Yorkshire triangle [my second favourite triangle after dairylea] of York, Sheffield and Leeds within the next few weeks, but we've announced a new one for the datebooks, Leamington Spa! Coming to the stunning Assembly on Saturday June 4th, our Leamington event may seem far away but trust us - it isn't. You'll be too hot, tanned and dying to get shopping before you know it. In other news, here's another thing we're all anticipating....

Yes! It's here! Tickets for Mr Hemingway's 'Vintage London' festival are on sale today! All the goodness of 'Vintage at Goodwood' in an urban environment - we can't wait! Curating the marketplace once more, we at Judy's are responsible for the traders spanning the length of the Thames ['crums!' you must be thinking, 'that's a lot of work!'] Yes dear reader, we love a challenge and with a good 750,000 folk set to descend on the marketplace, we're more than excited. That said, the real challenge lies in what on God's green earth are we to wear?! Toying at the moment with gentry-worthy tweeds, 90's prints and a certain rolling desire to channel Prince [those hours spent googling high-waisted jeans will never be returned!] the jury is out on my Southbank look. If you see anyone on the Thames resembling 'Fresh Prince Charles,' it's likely to be me.

In prep for London and the great British springtime in general, Judy took some time out from our Southampton and Cambridge events to do what she does! Here's a little snapshot of the boss' best bits [er...wait, rephrase that...]

Lace bow dress, £20, The Bivol Trust - Southampton's Affordable Vintage Fair

Wicker bag, £15, Style and the City - Southampton's Affordable Vintage Fair

Finally, an item snapped up for a fiver for any globetrotter worth their salt...

Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair - keeping you looking a million bucks.

That's all for today folks - stay posted for Joan on the Road and Britton's got talent!



  1. Yey I can't wait for Vintage this year, it was amazing last year so I hope it's just as good :)

  2. Hey Honor, I'm totally excited too. I've had a sneak peek at what's in store and you wont be disappointed. And the best bit of all is that the vintage marketplace is totally free, only the Royal Festival Hall is ticketed so you can shop to your hearts desire.. :)