Monday, 21 March 2011

A Birds-Eye View with Vintage Vulture

Greetings loved ones,

How do? We hope that you've been donning your once-dusty favourite playsuits, shorts and summer dresses and exposing those pins to a bit of pre-spring sun [we're still looking a little translucent but another few weeks and we'll be on our way from pasty to perfect - hooray!]

It's full steam ahead at Judy HQ this week, with everyone on the team looking ahead to a double whammy weekend of Oxford and, of course, The Vintage Furniture Flea. Those heading over to the Flea on Sunday [which is all of you, RIGHT?] will not be disappointed; we don't know where our traders have found their stock [honestly, it's like they've hijacked a Tardis or something!] but you're in for a treat. Looky here...

Glorious n'est pas? If you needed one more reason to cement a Sunday peruse of York Hall firmly in mind, a spot of afternoon razzle dazzle should do it; Soho chaunteuses 'The Belinis' [alongside their talented band] will be providing the afternoon's entertainment via a series toe-tapping numbers from 2:30pm. The notion of afternoon jazz may conjur up images of Howard Moon, elbow patches and way too much sax but these folks are nothing but cool; performing modern-day hits with a glamorous twist, check them here...

Britney Spears to a double base? HELLO!

If that wasn't enough to get you in the Judy mood, we've got our glorious return to Oxford [huzzah!] With every fair we do in the Shire soaring up and up, we really don't know what to expect! In that vain, perhaps our decision to book a TOWN CRIER [yes, you head correct] may have been a mistake [NB: hiring a town crier is NEVER a mistake] Patrolling the streets of Oxford on Friday and Saturday, look out for our man heralding the arrival of Judy's in perfect style. No facebook invites, no BBIMs, just one man, one bell and a whole lot of warbling!

'Hear ye, Hear ye, Judy's vintage fair cometh!'

See ye there vintage fans,


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  1. I love that tea set too much.. Furniture Flea here we come.. x