Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Cool Britannia!

Loyal subjects!

It's Thursday 28th April and those adorable little pups above are symbolic of one thing. Yes, yes, you're probably tired of it to [having to alternate flag-swinging hands every hour or so really takes it out of you] but heck, a mere 24 hours before 'the big day,' how can you NOT be a little excited?!

Granted, if you're looking for some sort of anti-Windsor stick in the mud, you probably shouldn't read this blog; as an individual who enjoys bank holidays, mugs with mugshots and 'Don't tell the Bride,' it's like all of my holidays have come at once. Second only to Geri Haliwell [who, from her outfit below, has been pre-empting the wedding since circa '97] we've had this day in our datebooks for a while now and we'll be marking it with a rather high-brow event at Harewood House, alongside a slightly more, er, urban event on London's Leonard Street [cocktail bar, tug of war, vintage marketplace - in that order.] If you're in Yorkshire or the Big Smoke, come give us a wave [royally, of course.]

Granted, even if regal nuptials aren't your bag, you've got to love the spoofs! In addition to T-Mobiles latest creation [featuring THE most convincing Camilla looky-like in existence and proving that our Lizzie looks good on the dancefloor!] we've seen some spoofs that are more Essex than Eton. Tower blocks, scrambled eggs, Middleton-come-early-Lily Allen - check it here.

Happy Bank Holiday one and all! I'm going to chow down on a vol au vent and blow things up, all in the name of the nation!


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