Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Well worth the weight: London's Vintage Kilo Sale

Greetings Vintage Fans,

Cor, it feels like an age since we last conversed! Putting that right, we're back in the world of all things blogger to tell you of festival fever, South Bank madness and all things fair. Kicking things off, let's go KILO!

Late April is a funny time of year in these British Isles. With the weather hotting up, that already bumpy transition from bed to wardrobe to work [or uni] adds an extra hump. Distrusting of the sunny weather [and naturally so when one maverick cloud can leave you sodden in flip flops and looking like a tool] we often turn to last season's wardrobe to see us through. Shorts with Christmas jumpers, sandals with shearling - typical symptoms of the fickle British weather. And so, on Saturday April 16th, a good lot of you Londoners decided to do something about it. No longer should you perspire until payday - to the Rag Factory it was!

For those of you unawares, the concept behind The Vintage Kilo Sale is a winning one; working with Glass Onion, the UK's largest wholesaler, 2.5 tonnes of lovely vintage stuff wings it's way around the country whilst shoppers wait to bag it up. At £15 a kilo, it's the ideal way for anyone strapped for cash and exasperated with their inter-season wardrobe to feel, well, human [and room temperature] again.

In addition to bagging-up new threads, the Kilo's a dangerous place for your inner magpie. Featuring wholesale jewelry starting from £1, many found themselves glued to the stalls, a ring on each finger with more bling than Blazing Squad. A notion skyrocketing in popularity, the room of reworked also caught the eye of the masses, with more than a few of you jonesing for leather shorts [impermeable + pins out = 1 - 0 to the sensible, summer-hungry shopper!]

With Brick Lane a hair's breadth away, it goes without saying that our shoppers were dressed pretty snappily; cream capes, retro lettermen and fluoro trousers all popped up on the radar.

With our eyes very much on the prize, it was nice to see certain micro-trends in bloom, none more interesting than what we've dubbed the 'uber loose' [stay with us dear readers, this is not the latest single by Ri-Ri but a rather interesting style...] Check it out below...

Since the dawn of time, fashion boffins have drilled in the dangers of 'too baggy an outfit;' when prehistoric woman looked at her wardrobe, she never opted for an oversize pterodactyl two-piece, but rather mixed it up -a fitted mammoth top here, a cropped loincloth there. Even when Moses came down from the mountain, that mystery thirteenth commandment [found in the draft] would forbid every good Israelite from looking like a potato-sack.

Strangely, the maxim of mixing baggy and tight seems to have, well , loosened up of late. With hemlines lengthening and maxis bigger than ever, some could call the above outfit 'half-right.' After careful consideration and a lot of mulling over at Judy HQ, we think it's 100% darling; showing flashes of skin in unexpected places like under the arm or exposing wrists, an outfit that's centred around comfort can easily be cool. That said, who actually cares what the boffins say - vintage is all about DIY, with no decade or style trumping another.

At £15 a pop, the Vintage Kilo Sale is ideal for a spot of DIY time-travel. Rolling up to Leeds on Saturday May 14th, it's well worth the weight.

That's it for this weeks kids - tune in next week when we examine Middleton madness and look at a few of our favourite couples from times gone by [exciting!!]

Happy Easter!

VV out x

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