Friday, 8 April 2011

Summer Lovin'

Greetings loved ones.

The sun is shining and the pins are out like we're in the Pacific. Here at a sun-kissed Judy HQ, this only means one thing...

Not just Kingston but a WHOLE HOST of Summer Fairs!

Newbies at Chester and Leamington Spa, a return to Newcastle and Bethnal Green and a jaunt across the border to Glasgow. Add to that a return to the iconic shores of Brighton for our Summer Vintage Spectacular [enormous vintage fair + furniture flea + music + tea party = good times] and we're onto a Summer unlike no other!

Maxis, cycling in the sun, loafers with no socks and getting Mr Whippy all down your frocks - a very British season!

Keep your eyes on our Facebook page for the scoop vintage fans. Now get out there and bag a tan!


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  1. Sounds fab! I really enjoyed the York fair you held last!

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    Thank-you :)

    Laura x