Thursday, 19 May 2011

Because everyone loves a compliment...

Greetings loved ones,

It goes without saying that everyone love a compliment. In light of this, we wanted to take the time out to show you some of the lovely things that not just our customers, but our traders [those be-bum-bagged chaps and glamorous ladies that chat to you from behind their stalls each week] have had to say about standing with Judy's thus far. In true children's TV presenter fashion, let's go...

"Dear Judy,

I had a very good day - in fact it's the best fair I've done in a long time so I was thrilled to be there!

I look forward to more successful fairs with you in the future!"

Chloe from Hatastic

"Hi Judy/everyone,

I can see how hard you all work leading up to the fair and on the day. You’re fairs are always well run and friendly! Thanks for running the fairs because if you didn’t then I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing. I’ll definitely be booking the next Brighton fair."


"Hi Judy,

I was a stall holder on Sunday, and I had a terrific day, made more than I have at any other vintage markets I have done in the past!!! I was really pleased and thought the whole atmosphere was amazing, venue, live music and the cupcakes!! All in all a fab day. Well done!!"


"Just wanted to let you know that I had my first stall at Brighton and I had a fantastic day. I made good money and met some brilliant people. There was a good atmosphere all day. The stall holders around me were great and I spent most of the day smiling.

I thought the day was well organised and well planned. I have nothing but praise for all of you to organise such an event. I am guessing it takes a lot of planning. I can't wait to have a stall again and i'm sending in an application form for Kendal Calling Festival."

Charlotte, Fairy Vintage

There we have it folks - straight from the proverbial horses mouths [not the most pleasant of sayings is it? like reverse horse-whispering....] Through shed-loads of work, an INHUMAN amount of chocolate freddos and the odd grey hair or two [if it's good enough for Georgey Lamb, it's good enough for me] we try to give our fairs, well, everything and keep our traders [and you lot] as happy as larry...

[NB: This is not 'Larry.' This is Hazel, who can be found at Cambridge and London this weekend. If anyone knows who 'Larry' actually is, and why he's so happy all the time, send your answers on a postcard to P.O Box Judy HQ] x

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