Monday, 16 May 2011

"You sound like you're from..."

Greetings loved ones,

We hope that you're well and celebrated accordingly our newfound spot in the Eurovision chart - hooray! Although we won't be booking plane tickets to Azerbaijan [mostly due to our inability to locate the elusive land on a map!] we are milking the Estonian/ German/ Serbian entries to death! Eastern-European Katy Perry, a German Cheryl Cole, sixties in Serbia - what's not to love?

An event that was a world away from "nil point," we're recovering from a lovely weekend in Brighton. As we de-sand our toes, stay tuned later on for a full report! This week, all eyes are on the weekends fairs, Cambridge and London; favourites in our vintage fair diary, make sure you get your gladrags on for both events always draw in a rather stylish crowd...

Ooh. Fancy!

See you there vintage fans!


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