Friday, 27 May 2011

Summer in the City: Judy's comes to Spitalfields

Greetings loved ones,

In light of our partnership with the Old Spitalfields Market this Bank Holiday Monday, we've been perusing our traders to see what wonderful wares they're going to be offering up. It turns out that inbetween chinwagging, tea-drinking and the like, many of them have been busy with glorious S/S photoshoots! Cop an eyeful of these ba-bies [odd Austin Powers voice but hey, it's Friday...]

Zesty colours, oversized accessories, pleating and a cheeky hulahoop - all incredibly 'groovy.' If that's not enough to get you out and about and down Spitalfields market on Monday, who knows what will!

Have a lovely Bank Holiday one and all. I'm going to go exorcise Mike Myers from my vocabulary before it's too late.


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