Friday, 2 September 2011

Trend Alert: Morticia-Chic

All hands on deck, we've recruited our new Judy's assistant into a bit of Joe-blogging this week, as we begin our forray into the A/W trends. Turning to the dark side, our Iz shows you the Siouxsie-Sioux and don'ts of working this season's gothic trends....

"Say hello to purple lips, smokey eyes and the gothic darling...get ready to paint it black.

Despite colorful bursts of mustard, red and blue, the dark side reigns supreme this season; fetish remains mainstream and black lace at Lanvin demonstrate how many designers are delving into the mysterious craze of GOTH.

With a little goth in all of us, why not embrace Autumn to experiment, turning to vintage to get authentic punk and gothic looks [after all, faded is the way forward!]

The return of the cold weather has allowed layering to re-enter our outfits, allowing an even greater way to show-off your wardrobe!! Layer faded leather with inky velvets and some shiny PVC then, if it’s extra chilly, get some 80’s mohair in there to boot. On warmer days, mix sheer fabrics and lace, mixing up your textiles but not your colours to channel the single-pallette trend.

But what of footwear? Think back a season to Prada creepers! When hunting for creepers, keep your peepers open for vintage - they're much more affordable. Go for the triple soles - bigger is better when going for goth.

Think bold, think big think... Robert Smith! We want studded leather. We want ripped fishnets. We want sky-high platforms with hair-dos to match! Do all this and you'l be the chicest fashionista in the shade!"

There we have it folks - the 411 on Morticia-chic. For anyone in Leeds this weekend, Izzy [featured below - bear not to scale] will be out and about papping our free vintage weekender - don't be afraid to say hello!

xVVx & Izzy, the Vintage Warrior

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  1. Ah goth, my favourite cyclical trend. Every few years it comes back and every few years my black wardrobe (with some items dating back to the early noughties - eek) suddenly appears fresh again. Got my beady eyes on a pair of black platform creepers meself at the moment...mmm