Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Festival Inspiration

So, with festival season just about in full swing [half of the office are about to depart for Glastonbury...jel] I thought it was time to start trawling the world wide web for festival attire ideas. For me it's important to have a well thought out, but most of all FUN, festival wardrobe. A few of my favourite festival essentials are  in the montage below. 

* Ray Ban 3447's a la Ellie Goulding are a must 

* American walking boots are my footwear of choice
[unless the mud is knee deep, when I reach for the Hunters!]

* One of the most beautiful playsuits I have ever set eyes on and...

a crown of roses, why not eh?! 

Judy's will be at Lovebox,Vintage at Southbank, Kendal Calling, Beacons and End of the Road... that's a lot of outfits and FUN!


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