Monday, 11 July 2011

60s Style: Playing Devil's Advocate

Inspiration strikes in the strangest of places; crushed into the bosom of your neighbour on a Mega Bus, queuing behind the jumble-shufflers at the Post Office, squinting in inebriation on a Friday night- nobody knows when the proverbial lightbulb will land atop your head but when it lands, it lands.

Denying a glorious Sunday evening the attention it deserved [dirty show off, British summertime!] my Sunday night was spent with the curtains drawn and Polanski's sixties classic, Rosemary's Baby, on the screen [nothing contextualises a self-inflicted sore head like a spot of demonic possession on a weekend]

Aside from a serious case of the heebie-jeebies [Mia Farrow is led into madness by a bunch of recorder-playing, mousse-making, Satan-praising geriatrics who want her baby back. Necromancy aside, the image of anyone over fourteen playing a recorder is repulsive enough!] I found myself struck with something other than sheer unadulterated horror - a bad case of fashion envy. Take a look at Mia's looks below and hopefully, you'll see why....

Embroidered collars , polo necks, space-age prints and glorious shifts - there's no denying that our heroine Rosemary is delightfully 60s [with an incredible home to match - definitely worth a pause and a swoon when watching!]

As we soldier on through Summer into A/W, a resurgence of all things sixties is already on the cards - Issa, Louis Vuitton and Mulberry all channeled the era, rewinding the seventies trend that dominated this season. For anyone wanting to pre-empt the trend for a bargainous price, the Vintage Kilo Sale will be rolling up to London this Saturday [16th] selling wares from the 60s - 80s at £15 per kilo. For more details, click here.

As for Mia, we couldn't ask for a sexier, edgier more aesthetic epitome of the sixites' cult status [pardon the pun] The devil wears Prada and boy, does she wear it well.

The Vintage Kilo Sale takes place @ The Rag Factory, 16 - 18 Heneage Street, Saturday 16th July 11am - 4pm. Click here for details.

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